March Soul Insights – Your Relationships hold the key

This month will require more of you and test your patience.  The rewards are many, but be prepared to be patient not only with others but yourself.  Also, be prepared to listen….really listen and hear what those you are in relationship are saying. You will also have to listen to, really hear and understand what the various parts of you are saying.

Getting to the heart of the matter in your relationships and understanding what really matters to you will be very important this month.  The test this month is a test of love… A love test… This test will come via your relationships, creative expression and how connected you are to your Inner You…. The word test comes from the derivation of the words temperance and tempatation… Both words signify balancing, adjusting; as well as integrity and wholeness.
When we are not in balance, when we are not temperate we are not living optimally.

This month it’s time to be really honest about what has been “holding you back”. What behaviors, beliefs or associations.  Honesty is key.  Are your actions, beliefs and associations supporting the best expression of you?  Are your associations, friends and decisions in alignment with your true desires and goals?

This month communiciation will be highlighted and also a yearning to connect, share, cooperate and collaborate.  The idea of relationship will somehow be on everyone’s mind.  For some it will be how can i make my relationship better, appreciate it; or spend more time together. For others the thoughts will center around being desireous of a significant other and the romance this can bring.  Business relationships will also be a focus and for many the realization that 2 heads are better than one.

March will bring an awareness that we are not alone and we are not meant to do “it” [life] alone.  We are to be with each other and share with each other.  We are to let their be some separateness in our togetherness.  This allows us to be individual souls and yet connect and let our souls merge in love and a shared focus.

Forms of  exchange will be highlighted this month.  Some questions to ask oneself are:
Does this exchange feel right for me?  Am I open enough? Too open? Am I giving enough, recieving enough from this?
This is not about living a life based on “tit for tat”. However the universe and world is based on energy.  Everything is energy.  We are energy – we are energetic beings.   When we have too much of something, even a good thing we become weighed down.  When we don’t receive enough we aren’t grounded and tend to wither away.   There is an optimal balance in all of life and this month will bring you situations and relationship issues to the forefront to adjust the balance of energy.

Many of us have been taught to not want or ask for much.  To not take up too much room and not to show all you have or show that you know a lot… Well, this minimizes your energy and creates a contraction in your energy and life. It is time to open up more and be even more fully you…. It is time to express more of you and to not only ask for what you want, but to actively create more of what you want.
Take this month to expand your self expression more in ways that let you connect and share with those in your life more.

There may be some disagreements, miscommunications, misunderstandings, or over emotional responses this month that test your patience. However, it will be worth it….
A friend of mine once shared a saying with me after an enlightening conversation about people and relationships.  She said: “Where two or more are gathered there is drama”.  Over the yearsI have learned yes, this is true…. No matter how evolved someone is there are areas of emotional  charge and restimulating triggers for everyone. I have seen this in all groups, organizations; whether spiritually based or secular.  The testing in March is to really understand this and honor this as an aspect of the human life cycle…..

In other words, to relate or not relate? This is the question…… For me it’s to relate………Don’t let the fear of drama or being hurt stop you from reaching out and relating.  Don’t wait for the perfect one, but be with the one that is here, showing up and being in relationship with you.   Relationships hold the key to our growth and Soul expression.  There is a reason we are so focused on relationship… When you realize this and understand the reason for this then you have the key…. Once you have the key the door is open in gratitude and appreciation.  This will sustain you…. There is wisdom in knowing and living this axiom.  In the New Paradigm you can’t move forward and thrive alone… On your own, but not alone.

This month let your divine self dance with your human self and begin to see them as both one in the same……It is all God…All part of the Play of Consciousness….All is from and of The All That Is……

And, if anyone says otherwise they aren’t being fully honest of those times “when no one is watching”, when they are on their own or with their family.

This month it will become quite clear that love is the answer, and to remember the misgivings and human dramas we experience are all worth it, because to love and be loved is quite an amazing thing.


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