Initition and Activation as Life Direction

This is a year of initiation and activation.

Where you are being activated will show you what you are learning on a Soul level and what you are to now integrate into your life.  This is the way of the Soul…. Your Soul Self/Higher Self; which is the Highest Navigating aspect of “you” shows you your new directions by placing or removing people, situations and activities in your life….

Look to see what is being “activated”in your life and what you are being “initiated into’…

Your initiations are new phases, learning lessons and areas of expansion in your life.

Look to see what is being activated in your life.  Follow the natural flow of what is showing up for you.  There will always be what is of more Soul Expression and Soul Growth in following the natural flow of what is being presented to you.  This present is a gift to you…

The gift maybe in learning, expressing more; perhaps a new relationship; or new career direction.
For some the gift comes in challenges to be overcome; whether in the area of one’s health, relationships or any other hardship.
Just know that in seeking more self understanding and love that you will reach a place of more love received and Soul Expression.

In essence what blocks you ultimately sets you free and this freedom and knowledge you can share with others in love and service.

On the Soul Path we are always learning, growing and expanding more into our Soul Expression.
This Soul Expression is what characteristically makes you “you”…
In essence expressing from your Soul is you being more you…

In my life now and in my Soul Path i am seeing more themes revealed…. Look to the themes in your life.  For most there will be 3-5 reoccuring themes that need to be weaved together to be more Soul Fulfilled.

Whatever the themes that are showing up and revealing themselves in your life seek balance to the full expression of “who you are”….

Remember you are a spiritual being and how you express and experience this is your Soul and Soul Purpose….

We are all special, unique Divine Emmanations seek ways and act upon ways to express this more and more….

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