Moving Past Disappointments and Past Hurts

Are you sitting with disappointments?
Is your outlook on life bending downward due to feeling let down?

Are these past hurts, let downs and areas of past disappointment riding sidesaddle with you?

Subconsciously and sometimes with full awareness we hold onto our disappointments and nurture them like a long lost friend.

They can be a “friend’ because “they” are always there….

They are there in every relationship right on the sidelines or in every dream acting as a buffer.

We hold onto these as well as resentments as a form of protection.  They are a constant reminder of what “didn’t work” and to “not to really hope again”…..
They protect you from going too deep, too far, having “too much fun” and ultimately from feeling too much joy….

If you are sitting with these they are like undigested food and become toxic, when not allowed to be processed it.

It’s not that we won’t get disappointed, be let down or even experience resentment; it’s when we don’t process this energy and emotional state through; or we don’t express it in a way to release it….

You then need to find ways to channel this energy for your own self expression and through service; or a creative outlet….

We naturally want to and need to move past disappointments, let downs and resentments.  It takes a lot of energy to hold these and keep these in place.

If we allow ourselves to move toward our joy then our resentments and disappointments begin to wane and dissipate.  A good example of this is children; especially one’s that have been allowed to be in their own rhythm and flow.  They naturally move on and lose interest in what bothered them, disillusioned or disappointed them.  They are drawn to what is new and catches their “eye” and interest.

When we do our “emotional healing inner work” we keep ourselves open to not only the new, but the gifts of the present.  We essentially are saying I am open to the magic and wonder of love and life.

We also can’t grow if the past is weighing us down and holding us back.  Our growth and the expression of our Authentic Self and Soul Purpose is directly tied to our ability to release and “move forward”; which is really move into the present to Self Express.
When we naturally release our disappointments we “free up” ourselves to be more true and authentic.

If your voice is low, hesitant and hedging then you are energetically holding back due to disappointments or resentments.  This is a form of apathy.

If your voice is booming, radiating out saying:  “Hey I’m here and I’m in joy and willing to play, then you have processed well and moved on….

Most likely the people around you will notice if you are harboring these energetic friends way too long…..

It’s time to move on, get on the slide of gratitude and joy for a new day…..

No matter how bad it’s been; or even is now there are better days and in the moment something to feel gratitude and appreciation for…..

Take time to let these old travel partners go…. Give them a hug…Well, hug yourself and know you did the best you could and so did the people in the past part of your life…..

Then open your mouth and laugh; or yell – You decide…. But time to let the wall down and let your own life in…..

It’s really time to play and it’s hard to play when you are lugging around a 10 – 40 lb weight of buffer by your side.

Some tools for healing the disappointments of the past:
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