November Forecast – Seek Inner Dimensions & Outer Expression

This month brings a bit of a polarizing energy experience.

On the one hand there is an energetic pull to reach out, extend out and activate.  
A part of the energetic pattern this month is to push us or pull us up, out and forward. The energy beckons us to reach out, explore the outer realms and outer relationships.
The other aspect of this polarity is to go within, to go deep, to sleep to lull into dream states.  There is an energetic pull to go within and cocoon, to cuddle with someone; or be alone with one’s own thoughts and inner embrace.
It would bode well to think from the Soul connecting into one’s Higher Self; or expanded aspect of consciousness and do both.
In the Spirit realm and therefore the Soul the urge is always for both… 
The word “both”; as well as “and” are Soul words.  The signify expansion and inclusion.  They also imply balance, and resting in the center of the polarity plane.  “And” as well as “both”  are words and actions from these words that encourage a new possibility.  This possibility comes from not being stuck rigidly in either end of the polarity plane.
We are entering a Gateway/Portal of Light this month and so there is also an intensification of energy.  There is a push to do more and you will be feeling more of whatever you are feeling and experiencing.
Just because there is an intensification of energy doesn’t mean that we have to intensify…
These Gateway/Portals of Light are occurring as an acclimation tool and barometer of the energy pattern of the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm.
We all are learning to allow, absorb and acclimate to more electrical energy and being more magnetic.  This means we are learning to let the “Feminine Principle” lead in receptivity to the “Male Principle” of Creation.  Meditation, being in nature, movement, unstructured dancing, listening to music and other right brain emphasized activities are a great help.
This month take some time to pull back, check out, tune in, go within and connect inwardly…
This month also take the time to extend out, reach out and connect outwardly…
Balance is key this month and playfully, without self judgment, learning how to manage and harness this new energy pattern.  Much will be done by not resisting or fighting, but by allowing what is and finding optimal ways to align with it.
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