August Soul Insights – Live your Bliss and Passion

This month begins a 2 1/2 year focus that  will be on dreams, visions and goals coming into fruition…. The key is to follow your passion, joy and bliss
For some people they like to call manifesting; or I like to actually say letting their life unfold, manifesting their dreams.  Other people call it visioning, or envisioning; and some call it goal setting.
Whatever you call this focus and process doesnt really matter.  

What does matter is that you begin to do it now with more focus and self understanding than perhaps you have ever done.
It is time to take stock on all levels, however taking stock emotionally will take key prescedence.  The “emotional body” is sooooo important on the Soul Path and in our life.  it has really gotten a bad wrap, by in my opinion people that didn’t or don’t know how to really connect emotionally and harness this energy.  We are emotional beings…

Our emotions are energy in motion. They are the carrier wave that our passion and drive comes from within us. It is us energetically and we us this energy to express.  It has erroneous been called ‘pain body” and other pejorative terms…. This term reminds me of the early religious philosophies that the whole focus was not to be here on earath, or earthed but to meditate to a higher level of some sort.  Believe me I spent time with some of these religions and philosopies.  Then I thought: ” Where are we suppose to be going; and if we are here are we meant to be here; and isn’t all spirit anyway?”  

We are spirit in physical form; consiousness made manifest., Also, if there is only oneness then all aspects of our being are needed, necessary and integral to all of life.Honestly if you didn’t have emotions and a physical body you wouldn’t be on earth.  The idea and understanding that we are unique beings, cool as we are and that we how we are is not an aberation, but how we are meant to be and express is going to become more prevelant.  This doesn’t mean you don’t hone your skills, get coaching/assistance in areas of your life; or have to learn things. What it does mean you don’t try and change your core you = True Essence.

This means you let yourself unfold, get to really know yourself as you are and live this and not someone elses version of you.  This is so important for people to really get now….  You find this via resonance and by what brings you more emotional energy.  This emotional energy enlivenes your spirit and brings creates the physical energy to do what you are impassioned to do in your life.

What brings you joy and a sense of fulfillment in all areas of your life will become even more important than “climbing the corporate ladder” if this is not “your thing”….. If you don’t know what 
“your thing” is…hmmm time to find “it”… or “its”… It can be many things, and usually it is a composite of things in your life that fit together in a way to reflect  your unique “you”….
If “your thing” keeps changing; or you are in a major change time to go exploring.  If what you have ‘been doing has lost a bit of it’s mojo for you, then time to do some inner and outer research.  Go on a “seeking and exploring” mission… 

Truthfully most “adults” don’t do this enough in their lives.  Kids are great at it… Somewhere for most around 32-35 this begins to slow down or stop…. Honestly, from a Soul perspective it should never stop.  We are meant to keep unfolding…growing, learning, experiencing and expressing.  From the view of our Soul and from our Spiritual Esssence we never are complete, done, or “grow up” We learn to express more, expand our awareness more, open to more consciousness and conscious expression.

This month begin to understand your emotional energy more.  Begin to see it as a barometer of what you are either needing or going through in your life.  When I speak of emotions this way I don’t mean “emotionalism” or histrionics.  i mean what raises your level of emotional balance allow you to access a feeling of what truly brings you joy?  Our emotions our an instrument as well as barometer in our life.  They need to be flexible and in tune, just like a guitar, piano; or any other musical instrument. 

 Where you are impassioned and enlived this is the direction to move towards…… Seek to find ways to love yourself, others and your life more…. Seek ways to live out your passion in more ways of self expression.

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