Dive Into Your Life – July Soul Insights Forecast

Clarity – Clearness – Calm
These are 3 attributes that are needed during times of transtion, change, uncertainty 
and movement of any kind.

Like a diver that is about to dive clarity of the focus, clearness of mind and  a calm composure are needed to align body, mind, spirit into a poised dive.

Prepare to dive more into your life this month…. Whether projects, moves, career, clearing out; or relationships focused alignment to your path; or realignment will be required.

This month expect pathways and new directions.
This month marks the beginning of a major turning point or crossroads for many that will culminate in October -November of this year.
For some this will be on the relationship front, for others career or lifestyle.
There will be physical and literal moves and changes; as well as inner restlessness.

We come out of the Mercury Retrograde on July 1st and we have another major astrological shift when Jupiter leaves Cancer.  Jupiter has been fanning the flames of the previous Grand Cross and T Square.  I only mention this to give a little more shape and form to the energetic phases that  are taking place in the subtle energy that we all are comprised…

Many people are sensing changes are afoot and beginning to really feel their own inner changes.  Remember change is like a deep river – and a reservoir or lake.  The run deep and yet pool or converge at the surface.

When we change internally our outer circumstances change to meet the inner change.  When we experience outer change or disruption it is because enough has changed on an inner level, or subconsciously that we need either new circumstances, people, partners and/or environment to meet our Soul Growth.

Expect a return of friends, lovers, “exes” of all sorts to spring back in your life for another go round ; or check in and look see.  Each of you will be “looking and seeing” if there is anything worth rekindling, revamping or re-exploring.  For some this will be on a business level, for others it will be very personal.    There will be a restless stirring of Divine Discontent that is pointing the way to more fulfillment on the horizon. Our Soul after all is meant to play in this Divine Play of Consciousness. If you have felt you have been on the sidelines for too long, this month that will begin to change. Participation in life is the name of the Soul game.

Our Soul is similar to a kaleidoscope it has not only many shapes and colors, but hues and shades of the same colors. It has dimension and breadth, width and depth. It really is challenging to describe our Soul as it comprises so much. It not only relays the meaning, focus, purpose and interests of “us”, but the lessons and life experiences we will draw to us.  It also reflects our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual constitution and focus.

As we further journey on the  Awakening part of the life path of the New Paradigm we will be more intently nudged and directed toward more creativity, self expression and ways of collaborating, cooperating,connecting and sharing with each other.

This month brings a deeper realization of the Soul’s true needs and wants; as well as ideas of how and where to realize these needs.
Keep a little more space open for exploring, researching, playing and for the unexpected. You also might find yourself changing up your fitness, exercise routine.  For some this might mean more yoga and for others you might need the playful movement of roller blading or hooping.  The energy of inner and outer movement will be calling and how each person responds is as individual as each Soul Design.

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