June Soul Insights Forecast- Change is in the air…

Change….. Change…..Change is in the air.  For some this will be inner change; or a preparing for major change, and for others this will be outside circumstances causing change.

Expect delays on your plans, and a “start – stop -start – stop” pattern to action. There will be for many disclosures that will ultimately cause delays or change your plans.  The intentions and motivations of others will become clearer.

This month you may “see the writing on the wall” but not be able to do anything about it. This is ok. Next month you will be able to pick up the reigns and make more decisive action.

If you feel this month like a lot is slipping away just know that this is temporary… One area of “slipping away” will be the idea of control.

You may not be able to control your routine, the intentions or actions of others, however you can control how you respond.

There is an Amish proverb that states:  Keep your words soft and gentle incase you have to eat them.   Well, this month will be a testament to this saying.  Be careful of rash judgment in speech and action. Be careful not to cut off from people and situations, and yet take time to state your truth and feelings.  Decisions that organically evolve will bring the best conclusions.

For some this month will be really quite introspective.  You might find yourself being drawn to more alone time, healing work and reflective time.  For others you may feel like you are busting at the seams to be free…. Free from what will be different for each individual.

One of the major changes this month will be a focus on what is stabilizing.  Many people will find themselves questioning their routines, activities and relationships.  The ones that foster a positive trend and optimum living will stay and the others that are not as life enhancing will either drift away or be whipped out of your life.

I suggest that you set aside extra time for contemplation and reflection; as well as schedule in some additional time to explore something new.  The energies of this month are creating deep change whether inner and outer.  The cycle that is started this month will culminate in October throughout the end of this year.  This is the beginning of something new….

Soul Insights Affirmation:
All that enters and exits my life is by Divine Appointment
I am aligning to the flow of my life
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