Focus on Empowering Trends

If you want to empower the energetic trends and synchronistic timing in your life don’t focus on the trends that seem to be working contrary to what you want.

Avoid making too much of your “problems”, challenges and difficulties that you face.  What seems insurmountable today in the near or distant tomorrow will be seen to have been not only doable, but maybe even a way to grow and move forward.

When you have taken full advantage of the opportunities, synchronicities and openings in front of you new ones will take their place.  This is all orchestrated by your Higher Self and your connection to Source.  Remember all comes from Source Energies.  These Source Energies work through and as people and your circumstances.

Concentrate on what is working and find constructive ways of reinforcing these trends and circumstances.  As much as possible keep your attention on what is constructive and release the need to focus on what seems to be negative.  Positive forces and focuses bring more life enhancing energy, vitality and reinforce positive trends.

When you focus on life enhancing trends you foster more resonance, coherence, harmony and connect to the True Universal Will and the Archytapal Pattern of your Soul Design.  This always brings the most love, life enhancement and fulfillment to your life.

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