April Soul Insights Forecast

Ready, Set….Whee….. as Tamera a friend of mine on the path says……

Yep, We have been Universally told to “Get on Ready”…. Well, ready is here…

It’s time to not just think: “Can’t we all just get a long?”  It’s time to really mean it and do it.  There maybe wars, but all is to serve a higher calling and expression of unity.

Look for areas of liberation, clarification and expansion in your life beginning this month; especially in the area of relatiionship.  This month you will gain clarity as to your own needs, wants and purpose on the path.  If there seem to be inner obstructions, delays, miscommunications and uncertainty of direction and purose in your relationships this month you will gain more understanding to make decisions.  Either outer circumstances will clarify for you, or you will receive the insight and inner guidance to make the most life enhancing choice; or action.  The Higher Self/Soul Self – Universal Mind, Source Energies, God Is-I Am; what ever you want to term this Energetic Princple and Innate Universal Intelligence is demanding that we grow and go in the direction of love, self expression, unity, and the not only the ability to “be there” for each other but the willingness and desire.

I  say action here, because for many the new energy focus will not be just about choice, but what is right action.  What is right action in this situation?  This is a great question to ask oneself at this time and to then “allow” the answer to come forth.  The best answers will not be via thought at this time, but from intuition and inner guidance.

A lot will be asked of you and required from you during this month.  This upleveling of what is required of us; and higher level of responsibility will continue throughout the summer and into the fall months.  By October most people will have a handle on this new level of spiritual awareness, ability to respond to the Soul Call and the self expression and love that this brings for each of us individually; as well as collectively.

We are meant to not only “be there” for each other, but also ourselves.  We are meant to really move into the we, and understand that a “true we” has a me in there as well.   There will be clarifications in relationships and a new level of understanding; as well as depth of care that will be present even in the most seemingly surface or transiting relationships.  It is not the duration of a relationship, or the history that will take key presendence in the New Paradigm, but the depth of connection, alignment, coherence and resonance.

The Individual and Collective Soul is indeed not only yearning to grow, expand in expression and experience, but in essence demanding this and setting up the relationships, opportunities, and situations synchronistically to be able to do so.

Situations will twist and turn to unravel you from situations that are holding you back from more Soul Expression.  Relationships will require extra care; however in this extra care and attention the rewards will be great.  Try not to stay locked in a conventional view of the actions, meaning of the actions of others and your life circumstances.  What seems to be “bad” can turn out to be the very best way for your Soul to grow and to receive what it  is you truly desire and need for the most love, light, understanding and your Soul’s unfolding.


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