Love is Source

Love is experienced in relating to something or someone.
Love is experienced on this Earthplane in relationship.
However, the truth of love is that it is Source… It is the very subsance that we are as Divine Creator Beings – as Channels of Light…
Love is light expressed…

The Source Energies that we experience and express are love. In this way to feel love is to be love.  We feel love to th degree that we are being love and loved.  Ultimately this “love” is impersonal in nature, similar to the wind, the waves, the stars, the moon or the way the sun sets.
Love is nature and nature has it’s ways inherent within it’s qualities and character.

The wind can be a gentle breeze or blustery gust. It can be warmed over tropical waters or icy cold coming from a deep freeze.  How we experience the wind is not the wind’s “fault”. The calm cool breezes that embrace us are not done so in the way to soothe us.  The icey wind off the Nordic coast is not intended to accost us.  How we interpret this passion play of nature is up to us.

It is our personal interpretation that shines a light on our uniqueness. It is also this interpretation that reveals our next Soul Lesson, level and integrity of Soul Expression; as well as Life experience  that is up for us.

We are here to express the perfected Spirit that we are in imperfect form.  We are always a little “undone”; a little in process; as well as progress.  In this way our life, our love and how we love is always in a constant unfolding.  We are always emerging ever more whole in the effort for Source Energies to know and complete what can never be fully known and complete.

In love meditation is essential. For in loving we are simplying aligning and attuning to more of us… To the “us” that is beyond the personal and into the merging of the wholeness that we truly are and come from.  In love there is no place to arrive but only destinations to be visited and revisited.

When we are centered in self/Self; with the acceptance of what is, aligned to our Spirit through the breath we have connected in cosmically. You can also call this “meditation”.
Love arises from the deep yearning and urge to reconnect to the All That Is (God)… We are the All That Is; this Spark of all life is us…. And, so in loving we are longing for the return of us to us… We are longing to  be whole again, to go into the center of All That Is and rest in the place beyond places.

As soon as we in our relating to something or someone take the energy of what we feel and bring it back into us our love deepens…. The love affair with the other takes on much more meaning and form…. Yes, the form becomes stronger and more potent.  Even if the form changes the love always remains for this is what we are; and how we express this with each other comes from the uniqueness of our Soul.

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