Consciousness is Love

As you expand in your Self Expression on the Soul Path you encounter more messages that seem to come from outside of you.  These messages or confirmations come because at a deep level you have asked for assistance, guidance and an affirming of your Inner Connection.  These messages, affirmations and confirmations come from the Loving – Guiding Principle of the Universe and the Undifferentiated Aspect That is You from and as the Universe. It is the All That Is “You” lovingly guiding you…

I call this part of the journey the “Magical Mystery Tour”… Life becomes much more magical, mystical and in a way surreal.  Synchronicities are at play, and you feel more alive and part of the “Big Picture” and All That Is of the Universe.

You begin to not only see but feel the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. This connects most intimately with the All That Is; or God… You feel the interconnection and begin to connect the energetic dots of the Resonant Fields; which to me are God.

We are each threads in this tapestry of life.  We are the woof and warf of the weave. In many ways we are the weave and the weaver; as well as the very fabric.  This fabric, or fabric of our being is Love.

What cannot in the New Paradigm and within the New Emerging Consciousness be leftout is the fuller expression, experience of love and a deeper understanding of the forms of love.

We begin to see now as Soul Beings to understand the love that is beyond form, but the formlessness of the very energy we are as Spirit in material form.  We begin to understand that Consciousness is Love, and that the more consciousness the more love experienced and expressed.

Our forms, our products, or replication of ourselves whether through prodigeny, children, businesss, systems, paintings, poems, inventions; or whatever is birthed through us are varying degrees and forms of love.  Anything and everything that comes through us, from us is an inner urge, a cry; and/or an expression; as well as experience of interconnection.

This interconnection is experienced and expressed in an innate need and willingness to connect and share; and not only give something from this exchange but to receive something.
This connect – share can be seen in personal relationships as well as business. One cannot be excluded from the other in this Earth Play of Consciousness.

The more we move into the realm of understanding of what we need as Consciousness Beings – beings that are consciousness made manifest, the more we realize that it’s not the “things” of our life that sustain us, but the love of, and as our life that sustains and fuels us.


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