March Soul Insights Forecast -Get Ready for the Energy to Really Pick Up

March brings an energy of “new beginnings”  February for many was a time of endings, delay, “wait and see” and a lot getting moved around on the proverbial shuffle board.

March bring more shuffling, but also a deeper inkling into what is coming…. And all I can say is: “Whoa!”….

Get ready for the energy to really pick up, even if it feels like you aren’t “doing much”.  You will begin to feel an energetic shift like sand is shifting under you feet, and yet you feel lighter and more in balance to a Universal Flow.  The only way to align, attune and balance to this Energetic Patterning is to get out of the little mind and into Divine Mind… You have rise above the meshagas.

This will be key… Balancing to a Universal Flow and seeking ways to tap into “Big Picture” focus.  Now is not a time to be petty, be caught in lower level dramas or stuck in the extremes of duality. What does this really mean?  It means find, seek ways of rising above.

In times of uncertainty or conflict try and see both points of view; or as many points of view as you can.  See from the other person’s perspective and of other possibilities.  Many times we get caught in directions because we only see one way and think that this way is the only way…

There are many ways, and some of the ways that will be presented to you might be ways that you either never thought of or thought you would “never do”.  There is a reason there is the adage: “Never say never”….

March brings an awareness of more possiblities and more options.  Some of you will feel like you are on rollar blades or a fast moving skateboard.  The key here is find a way to skate… to float, to align to the present flow.

Remember all movement is some type of flow.  The Universe is demanding alignment to “What Is” and not to what was or we hope to it to be.  Learn to feel it out before making decisions.  Learn to discern what is “your stuff” and “someone elses stuff”.  Learn to know what to do when someone elses stuff is up and running.  Have a place to rest either in your mind, or  a place to go literally.  A healthy quiet retreat whether physical or mental in nature is a good thing.  A healthy retreat is not cutting off, it is taking time to allow the energies to play out.

This month be open to the possibilities and dare to try something new; or do something in a new way. If you must do the old way, even if it isn’t working then find a way to make this way new. In other words if you keep taking the same route to do your errands during the day at least change the time you do them.   The deeper Aspect of the All That Is wants to give you something new… The deeper Aspect is You…

Right now in your life there is a question to be answered, an issue to sort through and a puzzle to be solved.  Puzzle pieces are being moved around.  This month you will receive some new pieces. Some questions will be answered, some issues will be clarified.

We can’t solve everything…. In truth we don’t really solve anything we allow it to work out.

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