February Soular Forecast

It seems the energy of February is “the crossing on the bridge”.  We are really bridging the old and the new.  It will become very apparent what has to go, is going; or already gone. This month you will become more aware of where you have been and either where you are going; or where you would like to go. This month envisioning, and appreciation will be key to your passage.
Also gratitude lists makes our “earth trip” a lot better, so I would suggest tapping into this pasttime as well.

Take stock this month of what has changed.  This change can be your attitude, an emotional state, someone new in your life, someone leaving your life; or a new realiazation.  This realization can be an awarenss, a new understanding; it can also be the insight that you have changed and have new needs and new focus.  Whatever awareness you perceive let it be through the lense of love… Self Love and Love of Others… Let this love be tempered with acceptance of what is and in acceptanc of yourself and others.   This will make your passsage more meaningful and palatable.

For some this realization will bring an awarenss of “what is missing” in one’s life; for others an awarenss of what is present and new.  Whatever is missing to you will become a major focus for you this year.  Whatever is present begin to notice how it supports you.  If you feel it is not supportive or life enhancing look at “how it is or has served you”.  If it is time to move it on down the road strive with compassion to see the Soul learning experience.

I like to say learning experience rather than Soul lesson.  We are here on this earthplane to express and experience.  A lesson is a word that also means punishment… Yep, and I do find many times implicit in the use of this word is this inference.  That somehow something is happening in your life because you didn’t learn the “lesson” before, whether
this lifetime or another; or that you did something “wrong”.

The Soul does not judge and our Spiritual Essence is not conceived or enacted through judgment.  As humans we need to judge if something is “right or wrong” for us; however many times this judgment revolves around a not accepting or understanding our path.

This month there will be, if you take the time, more time to gain a deeper understanding of your path and what you need at this time on your path.  The word “time” is emphasized here as time is one of the ways we measure experience.  Time can be seen as a continuum of experience.  It is where space and energy meet.  Time can also connotate “timing” as in the rhythm and pace of one’s life. In this way it can mean flow.  Time can also mean a single event, or a point in one’s life.  Time can mean a moment and it can also mean now….

This February take the time to notice, to really notice where you are at this “point of time”  See what it is you really value, and what has become seconary and superfluous.    Check to see if the “extra” in your life is holding you back.  Where is there too much; or an imbalance?  Seek ways to bring more balance into your life.  You may also find yourself needing more contemplation time, or alone time.

This month will bring a focus on what nurtures one emotionally and what is missing emotionally.  For some people this will mean a sharp sense of what is missing, or someone; as well as some people leaving one’s circle of friends and group.  The energies of this cycle are further cutting through what is actually holding you back from what is essential you.  If someone leaves your circle of friends, collegial or work setting it will because there is no longer enough resonance to keep the connection.  If you are seeing more “leaving than coming” know that in the open space you will now draw to you what is more of resonance, harmony and life enhancement in your life.

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