December Soul Insights

December brings an emphasized focus on relationship and relating.  There will be some endings of situations and relationships; especially if a relationship or opportunity has been felt to be “hanging”  This ending may not be a “disappearing”, but an ending for a new beginning on a new level.

Expect occasions for a lot of socializing and new people being added to your life.  Expect also people from your past, even if you haven’t seen them for years; or you left on a less than happy note, to come back to check in on you.

Subconsciously people are feeling major changes, re-directions of energy and turning points, so they will be coming back for a last reconnecting with you.  Don’t try and hold on. Your best mode of action is to enjoy what is happening, ride it out and see where the openings are in your life right now.  Appreciate the connecting and move into gratitude.  There may be confusing elements in your situations now that will become clearer in February and March. If something feels good, chances are it is, unless you are deluding yourself; and this depends on you and your level of awareness.  Good may not be for every….. but good is good…. Take time to find ways to trust yourself more.  This will bring more stability in your life for your next level of unfolding.

This can be perfect for the holiday season as the holiday season is about family and friends; and those nearest and dearest to us.  All the evaluating and re-evaluating of the past two months have brought most people to a deeper understanding of what they need and really want for this next chapter in their book of life.  It’s time to think outside the box.  The book of life will be seen to be interactive, multidimensional and in a multimedia format.  The new book of life is both old school, new school, digital and papyrus. It has movement and is a dance within the pages and off the the pages, with new pages added at will.

Everyone’s book of life is packed relationship experiences.  You can’t talk about any part of your life

and not have a story about a particular relationship come to mind.  Not only will a relationships or certain types of relationships come to mind, but there will be an allegory to your relating experience.  Every relationship reveals for better or worse where you are at during a particular stage in your life.  Your level of understanding, emotional well being and awareness will be revealed.  The lessons of a particular stage will also be revealed.

This December there will be some amazing revealings for many people. If you have been diligently doing your innerwork and going with the focus of each development/awareness cycle you will begin to get a grand picture of what 2014 holds for you personally.  Remember we have our individual path as well as a collective aspect.

The deeper understand of December will automatically, on a subconscious level release you from the obligations, situations and people that no longer hold enough resonance and coherence.  New people will be added to your story line and you will begin to see yourself differently – less constricted and less limited.  December brings a hint to the magic of living roleless and more authentically from your Soul.

You may find yourself alone; or needing more downtime.  This alone-downtime will be intermixed with times of abundant relating and socializing.  The message here is take time and don’t lose your Inner Connection to your Inner Guidance.  This part of you needs time to renew, refresh and recharge.  This part of you is like a fire. It needs to have kindling added and be stoked.  The fire won’t continue to rage on and warm you if you don’t give it consistent attention.

On some level security and stability will be a focus. For some it will be an issue or concern; for others a new awareness will kick in that asks one to look at security and stability in a new way.  this stability/security will be in one of these areas:

(Some examples are listed below. Take some time to tune in to receive how this reflects for you.)

1-Spiritual  – How can i be more spiritually connected? What nurtures my spirit? Refuels/Renews me? What brings me more life force energy? How can I connect within- meditation? Hiking? How can I attune to the part of me that is interconnected to everything and everyone?
2-Emotional – What feeds me emotionally?  Am I listening to my emotional needs?  What do I need to do to be more emotionally sound/stable?  What activities/thoughts enhance my emotional stability? Are there relating patterns that throw me off emotionally?
3-Mental- Are there mental thoughts and ideas that create insecurity? Do I have beliefs that are limiting me?  Are there mental thoughts, ideas and/or beliefs that are creating distress and over stress in my life? What thoughts/belief reinforce my inner security; ie confidence and self esteem? What routines balance me?
3-Physical – What foods or physical activities that add to the health-wellbeing and stability of my body?  Do I need to stretch and/or strength my physical body? Do I need to address my nervous system; my skeletal system?  How are my bones?  Do my daily routines nourish my physical body? What brings me physical stability, ie health
4-Material- Is my house in disarray? Are there piles of papers all through my house, on my desk or office?  Is my financial situation such that I feel stable (this has more to do with structure, than amount of money)?  Is my car in order?  Are my clothes taken care of?  Do I have too many items in my house, and therefore a lot of clutter? Is my house/home comfy? Do I feel safe where I live?  Do I feel my dwelling place is my refuge/sanctuary?  Does my dwelling reflect the authentic me?

Taking the time to ask these and/or similar questions will bring you to a level of awareness where you can make some conscious lifestyle choices. These choices will reflect more authenticity and therefore Soul Expression.  This month brings an awareness of what new chapters your want to write for your next years starting with 2014.  Start a collage, a dreambook with your own version of inner stability. In truth the only stability or security we can have is on an inner level.  All else stems from this.

All forms of communication will be highlighted this month.  You will feel like sharing more of you through talk and fun activities that you can share with friends, family and a special someone.  For some this month brings a solidification of a relationship and a realization that you are on a life path together.  This understanding and realization will bring a sense of inner stability and security to get on with individual and down the line shared tasks.

It is important not to hold on this month or collapse into relationship. Leave space to move back toward each other.  Leave space to more toward your creative expressions, art, self expression and projects. If you can’t step back, step a part how can you come together…. Space can be good…. Feel your interconnectedness within the space. It is there.

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