November Soular Forecast: Heeding the Deep Chthonic Transforming Change

All the deep thinking, contemplating and reviewing that was a major focus in October continues in November   The main difference is you will begin to see and experience more movement in your life circumstances.  Some of this movement can be someone “bouncing in or out” of your life.  There are deep chthonic transforming energies at play this month.  The underworld of the collective as well as personal emotional fields are going through a deep cleanse and review.
What is being cleared during this time is what is getting in your way of more authentic Soul Expression.  Some of the inner struggles will be projected outward, so just be “aware”; have awareness that this can be an emotional “testy” time for many and you might be a target. The best thing is to be a moving target…
Keep moving, meaning don’t get stuck on “how something should be”. Also, keep your energy moving. This means not only your body; but also your mind of thoughts and ideas, as well as your emotions.  Take time this month to notice where you haven’t moved in awhile. Too much of anything or overuse is not a good thing. There are deep regenerative powers at play this month.  Some of this regeneration will come from a releasing of what is no longer supporting the “new direction” for you; as well as your Soul Growth.
Some questions and areas to address this month are:
Do you have old beliefs that are no longer serving you? 
Are your ideas or expectations holding you back?
Do you need some inspiration to feel alive again? 
Do you need to move more? This movement is not just of your body, but of your mind and emotions.  It is important to physical move in whatever way you can to move the old-toxic gunk that has been embedded deep within on a cellular level. It is also important to physically move to not only keep fit for these more intense and higher frequency energies that are being downloaded.  Physical movement also helps the processing of emotions (energy in motion) as well as assists in moving the energy throughout your body.  Your body is helped to acclimate to these energies via the movement.  
Remember we are moving feeling energy beings.  Our body is in constant movement.  Your organs, neurotransmitters, neurons, muscles, etc are always moving.  There is a fine orchestration to your body.  There is a quiet hum as our heart beats and our lungs expand and contract.    Think about your own internal rhythm at this time.  Find and follow the rhythm of you own breath.  We all have our own inner rhythm and internal timing via our breath. If you are through breathwork and meditation find  ways to connect into your true timing.   
Personally, I have been doing a lot of dancing; out and about and also at my house; everything from salsa to techno/house/trance.  Chanting and singing have been really fun and helpful; as well as my poetry writing and drawing…  I even use my percussion and drums more these days and play my little shakers.   I have always been really artistic and Soul expressive, but now I am finding even more of a craving for this expression and experience.  I suggest you take time to just explore. Let your mind wander and express our emotional states through creative means.
Get out of your “comfort zone” or rut and doing some exploring… The transformative energies of this month are nudging you, kicking you, pushing you to be more pioneering and explorative in your life.  For some this will be a natural inclination and flow; for others you might feel pushed or kicked forward by people and/or circumstances.  A major focus of this cycle is a rebalancing of the feminine and masculine within and without.  This means you have review and reevaluate how much you put out/give and how much you take in/receive.
Are you too magnetic?  Always waiting around… Or, are you too electrical always pushing, putting out and trying to make something happen?
There is a definite rebalancing taking place that is very unique to each individual. There is no recipe except for the one within.  This means you need to connect in, listen to and trust your Inner Knowing more.  The road may be a bit unclear with a lot of twists, subtle to out of the blue overt turns, shifts and changes,  From here on out the only way to read the map is with your Inner GPS andCompass.
The reevaluation period in November is initiating a longer cycle of reevaluation and clearing that opens the decks for new opportunities and directions that will be present the beginning of next year.  For some people there will be glimpses of what the main focus will be and what opportunities will be drawn into your sphere next year.
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