The Fuel of Self Appreciation

Self appreciation is an interesting fuel.  It is an elixir of joie de vivre.  When you really appreciate yourself- your gifts, your life it is a form of love.  So many talk about appreciating others, or having a sense of gratitude for other people and life circumstances.

When you can talk about the appreciation you feel for yourself and just how far you have come on the Soul Path then you begin to tap into the basis of all relationships… Love… Self Love…. The more you can love yourself and honor your own unfolding the more you will naturally do this with other people.  You will begin to have a deeper understanding and compassion to everyone on this wonderful ride called Earth Life…. You’ll move from being a part of Earth School to Earth Play….

What or whom is in need of gratitude, appreciation and acknowledgment? ……. You  🙂

How can you acknowledge to you how well you are doing?  How you are really trying….
How you have made changes?

How can you better appreciate and have gratitude for you?

Take time to appreciate you and that which supports you.

By the way:  Supports are not only people… But, also activities , certain environments,  your coping tools, even some good foods and supplements…


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