What Do You Deeply Want? – October Soular Forecast

October spawns a time that it is all about relating, relationships and change, change, change…. 

Change starts with you… You are always the beginning. Your Soul Design has a specific intention and a path that allows this full expression. It is time to understand, realize and actualize this. This is your unique Soul Path and how it’s expresses reflects your specific talents, gifts and service.
Deep thinking, change and a move into deeper awareness are major focuses for October.
We have an interesting and intense aspect of Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio plus the Pluto Uranus Square.  Time to overcome your fears and sabotaging patterns… The time is now… Well, you have an emphasized focus of this for the next 5 years… But don’t’ you like to be a bit of ahead of the curve  and more cutting edge? Yep, you do. It is time to make the changes and clear the fears that block you from being really you- your true you.   
This time brings a lot of fears coming up to the surface. Your fears are showing your where old out-moded programming are still in play and what is blocking; as well as stopping you.  Your fear shows where constriction in your body-mind lay; as well as areas that you have out grown.  Yes, we fear where we know we need to expand. Pain is a form of fear. Your pain shows you where you need to express more or move on.
It is a time of testing, challenges and uprooting what doesn’t work anymore. It isn’t easy, but on the other side of this brings a connection to your passion and deeper more fulfilling ideals.  With the Scorpio influence here it is about real, authentic fulfilling passions. It is also most importantly about connection.  A deeper connection to yourself and to others.
Ask yourself: What do you deeply, deeply want?  This might seem easy at first, but trust me there are layers to this. We are so trained and entrained to focus on what is the mainstream ideals and what seemsto bring fulfillment that we have lost touch with the fulfillment of the Soul.  The time of coming from the Soul Self is here. This means radical, and for some uncomfortable confrontations from within and from those people that trigger us to dig deeper and get to the deeper meaning in our lives and move beyond robotic expressions and computations.  
 Time to get real.. The issue is you won’t know what is real expect by feeling and experiencing it. It isn’t an intellectual exercise. It is beyond your mind and intellect; which means you have to head into the land of mystery, magic and the unknown. Expect the unexpected and reversals.   Be open and receptive to the unexpected and external change.  
 For some this reflect what you have been wishing for and secretly chanting for.. You might think the changes that are seemingly thrust upon you are completely external.  Upon deeper reflection you will see that you set these changes, upheavals and disruptions into motion because you couldn’t consciously and on your own volition execute the change you so deeply desired.
Take time this month to appreciate and thank the “outer people” that seem to be controlling your life right now through the disruption and change they seem to be initiating for you. In truth it is an aspect of you that has initiated this in partnership with these outer people and circumstances.  Sometimes what we deeply desire we don’t have the confidence or know how to do, so the Higher Self synergistically and subconsciously plans this to be done from another person or situation.
This is a time of a  big Cosmic message and lesson.  Ask yourself what is the deeper meaning in my life. It is great to achieve… achieve…  achieve; however, it is even better to be received and to receive another.  We are all being challenged to see how we divert and distract ourselves from our deeper needs.  For many it will be seen that they don’t even know their deeper needs.  You find this through contemplation, meditation, and opening to receive deeper inner guidance. You also open to this by using the spiritual tools that open you to Grace.  Grace moves us out of karma and the experience of ‘cause and effect’. Yes, it is possible to do this; however not until the groundwork is laid.  To use an analogy from gardening or farmer: the soil has to be tilled and fertilized.  
As you till the soil.. Your soil or Soul you have to really be able to ask yourself: “What do I really want?”  “What do I want even though it might not be socially acceptable or fit into a mainstream model of acceptability?” The call here is to dare to risk and go for what doesn’t fit into convention or the ‘norm’.  For many there are intentions and desires that would be judged as not ok at the very least and odd at best. This is the realm or Uranus and Aquarius.  The odd, the unusual, now through in a little Scorpio and you get the cryptic, mystic, esoteric and intense.
There is much more to you than is on the surface and then what was groomed for you from your family of origin and societal view.  This month begins to nudge you in this direction. What does this mean? It means you have to be brave and really really have an inner agreement with yourself to trust your Inner Knowing that comes from your Higher Self. What is congruent, coherent and in resonance on a Soul level might upset your apple cart and not be what you thought would bring you success or fulfillment.  The deep message here is it is out of your ego control. It is much bigger, more expansive and taps you into the Divine Plan for you. You can only respond and depend on Grace to ultimately get you through.  Thinking and scheming won’t help on this phase of the Path of Awakening.
Grace is like a savings account. It is there if you have put the substance or ‘money’ in… If you have been connecting in and reinforcing your inner connection then you can call in and open to Grace assisting you.  It doesn’t happen by happenstance, because it is a form of vibrational currency.
So take the time this month to focus on ways to tune into the Deeper Aspect of you and Deeper Meaning.  Take the time to meditate, journal and have enough unstructured time that your prayers can be answered and you can open to Grace.  Grace cannot come in a constricted state.  There needs to be enough clear space of trust to coax the energetic expression of Grace to come through.  It doesn’t have to be a huge space, a pause will do, but it has to at least be a pause.
“The time is now, the place is here. 
Stay in the present. 
You can do nothing to change the past, and the future will never come exactly as you plan or hope for.”  
Dan Millman
“Change is inevitable, growth is optional.” 
John C. Maxwell
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