What are Your Relationships Bringing Out in You?

We are in an evolutionary shift and expansion of what it means to be not only in relationship, but of relationship.  We are relational beings.

In fact, the whole of the Universe and beyond is based on relationship.

Here on this earth plane; this dimension; or you could say focus of existence we get to explore this, understand this, feel this and grow from this.

The intersecting energetic angles and squares of energy are causing a deeper probe and awareness of wounding.  Since 2009 we have moved into an energetic phase of clearing what is no longer life enhancing for a greater awareness and understanding of relationship.   This evolutionary focus actually started in the mid 60’s gained traction and fuller direction in the late 80’s.  We are now in a evolutionary phase of “Right Relationship”. This “Right Relationship” is with ourselves and with others. 

It is said that all relationship stems from the one within and that the relationship within is most fulfilled with a relationship to the Divine, The All That Is.  This means not only an awareness of our interconnectedness to everything and everyone, but the awareness, understanding and feeling that we are of the same substance.  The only difference is the form.

We are here on earth to play our our Divine Expression – to express, experience, explore to share, to inspire, be inspired, uplift and be uplifted.  We are here to co-create and collaborate with the aspects of our being that are individualized as other beings- other Souls. 

Each Soul is an individualized Aspect of the All, The Totality of All Existence and what is not yet in physical form. We are the very pranic life force energy in consciousness.  We are the All knowing, understanding, feeling, expressing and learning through individualized selves; or you could also say cells.  Each of us is a cell comprising the grand cell from which we birthed from, from an idea, vision, tone and vibrational frequency.  We are God living and breathing, growing and sharing.

The Call from the Soul is now requiring more authentic and  full radiant expression from every being on the planet.  This means that people are feeling a stirring for that which is more fulfilling and life enhancing.  Many people are waking up to the fact that they are not what they “do” and that in fact they can do a lot in their life.  People are wanting less and less to be “pigeon holed” or “put in a box”.  The fact of the matter is that what we do and how we do what we “do”  are ways in which  our Soul expresses it’s uniqueness.  We are all each sides, so to speak of the same coin; as well as the substance that made the coin.

Many time people will encounter Soul Mates that are reflecting unresolved and un- integrated aspects of their own Soul.  This is a cry from the Soul Mate within to mate with itself more fully.
Why does this happen?  Because as a humanity we tend to seek, look for and find people to complete us instead of completing ourselves and sharing this more complete version of our Soul Design.  In truth we are always in a flow of emerging and state of completing to ever expanding levels of unfolding.  The Ego aspect of our being wants the completion to be complete and to have reflections around that stay the same and are dependable.

Look to areas of your life that want and need completion.  Also, look at who and what you are drawing in or attracting at this time in your life. This will show you what needs to be integrated, assimilated and expressed on a ‘Personality” level.  As you awaken your Personality becomes infused with your Soul Qualities…. What occurs is your personality becomes a seamless expression of your Soul.  They are one in the same.  At this time they are one in the same; however there is interference and filter from wounding and humanity/society/race consciousness socialization and entrainment.

If there are conflicts in your relationships look for areas that you need to be more accountable and responsible for yourself.  Take responsibility for your own emotional fulfillment and expression.

Allow others to more fully express there needs and wants and see what this invokes in you. If it invokes feelings of anger, jealousy or lack then look for areas and ways that you are not giving enough to yourself.

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