Sparking the Flame in Relationships

We are here to spark each other, not give our  whole flame. 

We each have our own flame. Sometimes it needs sparking up a bit, and sometimes it needs igniting.
However we are sparks to each other, and not each others  flame.  It is up to each individual to develop their own flame.  The potential is there in the spark.

Many people are attracting to the light of another and yet don’t want to develop; or fan their own flame.  They simply want to be close to the light and feel the heart-warming glow of another person’s light.  I also call this “plugging in”, like when you go to fill up your gas tank.  Rather than have their own reserves; or going to Source directly the person will “plug into” another person as Source.  We all are our own source and connected to Source Energies. It is important that this is not only recognized understood, but also lived.  We can share Source Energies with each other, however not become each others Source Energies.

It’s great to see the light in someone; however this light is a mirror reflection of what is within and what is innate in all of life itself.  The light you feel and see in another is an Inner Call for you to recognize your own light.  Your own light is your uniqueness of being.  It is your Soul Expression.  Usually when we see someone else as having a lot of light, it is the self love, self acceptance,  their appreciation of their gifts; as well as their expressing those gifts in the world. 

 We are also not here to dim our light to fit in.  For where would we be fitting in? In truth we are part of the whole of the universe and so we are meant to be where we are.  I sometimes hear clients of mine state: “I had to hold back.” Or, “I couldn’t be too out there.”  I feel there is no need for this, you can simply alter or adjust your approach or wording and still fully be you.  Remember this person that thought you were “too out there” drew you into their experience for a reason. Even if this reason is a short term one there is still learning and some sort of energy exchange taking place that is needed on a Soul level.

Metaphysically the extension of love into form is light.  The space around this light or darkness is the potential; which comes from the void.  The void is the promise of what is coming into being.  This is why we need to be just as comfortable with the light as the dark.  One is potential of the manifested form and the other is the form.  With the light we begin to see.  We begin to see our own gifts and potential. 

Many times another person sparks this; or ignites this in us. We feel inspired. It is so important to remember we have been sparked or ignited with this inspiration; however each of us has our own light. In receiving the spark we have been given a gift.  This gift is from the Divine All That Is through this person, as this person or situation.  The Divine Spark is from Universal Source…

As lightworkers, teachers, healers; and in fact all those that do work-service of helping we are here to light the way.  We are Way Showers.  We are here to share, to inform, honor, to uplift and inspire.  We are not here to over give, proselytise, condemn, carry or even demand.  When we light the way, it is the light that shows the way.  We can guide, but a person must walk their own steps at their own pace.

When we honor another person’s path we acknowledge that they have their own God within- Higher Self.  We live the realization that they have the same potential as we do.  Whether a person does, or is meant to actualize this potential in form on this dimension, or earthplane is up to them and Soul Path.

We cannot always know this; however we can hold to the higher potential and see this within them.  Many times when we see the light in another, even if they don’t see it within themselves they begin to get a glimmer of this light.

In your life it is important to notice:
What sparks your light?
Dampens your flame?
Reignites your heart, passion and purpose?

Once you are really aware of this, you can draw in, create the environment and living situations that spark your light.  As your light grows and shines even brighter you can be a positive spark; or inspiring flame.  It’s fun then to connect with others that have a nice radiant flame to share.

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