All Change Starts Within – July Forecast

July brings an awareness of “what is working and what isn’t working.”   Numerically, July is vibrating to the energy pattern of a 13/4.   
There is a metaphysical maxim that states:  Outer change is bringing to light what has been occurring deep within and on the Inner Plane.  
As the light of sun reflects what has been occurring deep with in we begin to get a better idea and a deeper understanding of our own inner process.  This creates change in our inner psyche and outer circumstances.
It’s time to both observe and go within; as well as activate.  This activation  for some will be very social, for others a focus on business and for many a combination of the personal and the business aspect of one’s life activating.  This activation and acceleration of energy requires more consistent inner communication.  
Meditation and journaling are excellent forms of inner communication. Don’t discount artistic expression, self expression and good old fashioned talks with friends or family as forms of inner communication.  Sometimes when we relay what we are thinking or feeling about to another person we become clearer as to our true motives, needs, wants and and ideas.
 In fact, all  forms of meditation and communication will also be highlighted.   Think about what brings more security and serenity to you in your life.  A very important aspect of security is the inner security you gain by being connected to your center and inner knowing.
There will be a focus on the Spiritual, the Soul and individual spirituality.
So much is happening right now in the world and with people personally many will welcome this breathing space.
The energetic focus this month is calling you to evaluate what is truly important to you.
I mentioned communication and meditation is a form of communication.
July is a pause in the dynamic forward motion and emotion that is coming up in the later part of the  summer. There will be dynamic inner and outer change this month.  Also, there will be revelations and new directions.  This month bring tangible change, so take time to assimilate and integrate the fast paced changes.
The inner guidance of the energy patterns that are active now are giving people the opportunity to create; and develop ways of observing the true openings and focus in your life.
July is a bit of a testing time to share where are the spots in your life that need shoring up.
Focus on what is working and give yourself a pat on the back and take some time to rest.
This month will require conscious healthy retreats. To know what one’s true need and wants are; as well as knowing when to pull back are key this month.  For some there will realizations of what to release, detach from and leave behind.  For others this will happen via circumstances leaving the space for what is now more in alignment with one’s Soul and Soul Expression.
When the energies shift again in August and a new level of high; as well as new openings and directions are adjusted to you will be thankful for the quiet calm spots of July.
Take the time this month to be conscious of your true needs, wants and desires.  Clear the space to allow the new to come in; and understand that you might be leaving some things behind to make new for the new that is now coming in for you.
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