Honor What Supports You on Your Path

Are you helping yourself?.. Are you helping anyone else?  A balance of the two brings a kind of bliss and balance mixed with joy and a sense of purpose.

I have a great team I work/co-create-facilitate with. I could not do what I do without them….  And I love to say “thank you” to them as frequently as possible and with almost every request.  They help me shine and help others to shine.

I have some friends; as well as people I have met along the path that are this for me as well.  We mutually reflect the light of living our truth the best we know it in the moment; and we frequently shine each others windows when they get a little foggy or unclear.

A few weeks ago I had a new Awakening’s listener  (my radio program) leave a wonderful message on Itunes about how much she loved the radio podcast and that she also noticed what a great team I had and that they were really kind, professional and efficient…. YAY…. 🙂

Why am I mentioning this?? Because we are all a team and interconnected.  Sometimes people don’t realize and appreciate this until they get in a mild to horrible pinch; and sometimes it’s “too late”… Or, takes a bit too much to reconnect to their support.

Your support is definitely the people in your life. It is also your Spiritual Practice and those activities, environments, intentions and focuses that keep you humming along your path.   

I keep stressing this, but it is not only critical, but crucial to the New Paradigm…. Honor, thank and celebrate your support/s.  This also means your own Self Development and Spiritual work for your Soul’s growth, expression and unfolding.

Be your own best friend by not leaving yourself in a lurch… Be consistent in your innerwork and what is healthy for you. It can be a lot to balance, but it’s worth it…
Take time to graciously move your body and stretch your mind beyond it’s comfort zone.  What was once uncomfortable most likely is really comfortable and maybe a habit.

Take time this week to thank someone….hug someone… And just do a bawdy outloud laugh with someone.


Walking the Soul Path of Planetary and Universal Evolutionary Change…
Metaphysical and Soul Insights for Transformation and Soul Expression
Keep Shining Your Light … and Keep Awake

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