Keep Your Inner Connection by Keeping a Tech Balance

There is a spiritual – psychological maxim that states: “Don’t always let your mind think what it wants to think or your body do what it wants to do.”
The idea in this principle is not to cut off from your emotions, feelings or the needs of your body.  The message in this saying is that you can create conscious healthy control through awareness.  This healthy control can also be called balance.
As you grow in your path of self-development and spiritual unfoldment your consciousness evolves to create positive control in your life. Sometimes your mind is going to wander, and you need or want to focus.  Sometimes your body is going to be fidgety.  Outer demands of living and life’s uncertainty tend to pull on a person’s inner psyche.  This pulling creates dual pullings, sometimes so subconscious, but they are there.
If a person is feeling pushed around and controlled by outer situations, the ebb and flow of the needs of others or their own mental –emotional state it will be very difficult to cultivate peace and harmony in their life.
The feeling of being “disempowered” by external situations or life’s demands will be a constant if you can’t connect into your expanded state of mind, higher consciousness and inner knowing.
Many times clients and students of mine will complain about technology and their devices stating:
 “It is so stressful having this cell phone.”  “My girlfriend calls me all the time when I am meditating.”  “My family won’t let me meditate.  “I get so many emails while I am on my computer I can’t do my work”  “I just see my computer and I have to work.”  “My husband watches so much TV.”  “My kids wont’ talk to me they are constantly gaming and texting.
“I can’t watch the shopping networks or else I have to buy something.”
“My boyfriend keeps texting me.”  “I have so many texts to get back to”
 “ This blackberry is running my life.” “I’m addicted to my ‘crackberry’; I can’t put it down.”   “I never leave the house without my phone.”
I also hear “I just can’t unplug.”
Do you hear the disempowerment and victim stance in all this?  I am sure we all could put our own statements together. We each have our own issue in the area of “unplugging.”  It is wherever there is an imbalance in our lives—too much of a good thing, perhaps. 
This can definitely happen in the world of technology.
But, who is running whom?  Who is in charge? Who is the conscious being with conscious choice?
Your   iphone, smart phone, ipad, tablet; or whatever device you are using doesn’t jump into your hands upon arising in the morning.  The video game, Wii console, computer game or Xbox is not glued to your hands...  And, your phones do have a “ringer off” button and voice mail.  
You can get a handle on this and still enjoy technology.  One of my nicknames is: “techy mystic” I love high tech- gadgets, computers and recording equipment. I record my own audio meditation CDs, a radio program, podcasting and I do a bit of sound editing.
I love my iphone—great invention.  I just love technology and the gadgets, inventions and innovations that stream from tech.
I can appreciate a well-tuned engine; the lines of a beautifully designed house, car; as well as the aesthetic of a well designed piece of furniture.
I also, really love what is behind all the great low and high tech—A creative mind.  All of these inventions came from a mind that was in a flow and creating.
You can’t be in a creative flow and be “plugged” into external demands constantly.  Flow is an inner state that you attune to.  You can’t be overly attached to the external to align to your inner flow. You have to “unplug” to “plug in”
In this world of constant stimuli it is important to make a conscious effort and create and environment where you can “unplug” every now and then.  Sometimes we need to take the sound of our life down.  We don’t always need our life amplified. 
Many people are addicted to the amplification in there life. They are addicted to the constant stimuli.   Technology is not the “problem” The problem is a fear of meeting oneself and being oneself.  If you really “meet yourself” and deal with what is there with self love and self acceptance then you actually have a chance to be your self- your true self.
Many try and use technology to solve the inner problem or issue, whatever this may be for the individual.  Just like with any addiction, experience of co-dependence there is an inner need not being met by there person and they are going to external situation and people to meet this need.
Some people also fear slowing down for a bit.  What will they encounter?
Their own thoughts… Their own feelings… Themselves.
So, I suggest you to unplug every once in a while. You can explain this to your family, your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids husband, wife. In fact, once this is explained to children they will take their own “quiet time” or “down time.”   Communication is key for you to be able to unplug.
I invite you to make an intention: 
The intention to consciously unplug to plug into you, your inner you.
You can also focus your attention on this intention by turning the ringer off when you need to refresh or renew.
You could also, set some boundaries around your mobile phone, computer and other devices.  I suggest this also with TV; as well.  Take time to set boundaries to integrate other parts of you in your life. This will automatically create more balance.
The boundaries you create could be by time; or a cut off point during the night to detach a bit from your phone and devices.
You don’t have to have your phone on all the time.
  Put the Wii console down,  head for the beach or hit the trails….. and,  it’s is OK to let your calls go to voice mail…

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