Soular Forecast for June – Clarity for More Soul Expression

We are in an 39/12/3 Energy Pattern Focus this month.  Something is peeking from deep within… Something is dawning either within your own mind or outer circumstances…
The energies are stirring from deep within each person’s inner psyche; as well as the deeper recesses of the Collective Stream within the Universal Matrix.
What does this mean?  It means that energy is being released. What has been stuck or stagnate will begin to move.  You may feel like socializing and stretching out more; as well as pursuing artistic, philosophical and group spiritual pursuits.  For some it will seem like waking from a deep sleep, still a bit groggy, but getting clearer and clearer.
The 3 energy pattern combined with the energy focus of the 9 will still require for some a concerted effort to go within; for others it will be a subconscious need and pull to go within and spend more time alone to refuel and renew.  The sub energies of this energetic pattern require a balance of both being able to do a healthy retreat as well as a reaching out into one’s world and environment.  The overall arching theme is creative Soul Expression, options, connecting, communicating and sharing; however not without an attention to patience and inner pacing.   A Spiritual Check In  coupled with a creative form of what your Spiritual Check In reveals to you can be illuminating at this time. 
I would suggest dusting your journal off and do some writing.  You can use your ipad, iphone or other device such as voice notes.  Don’t be surprised though if there is an inner pull to the more organic way of chronicling your journey, growth and inner travels.  Texture, fabric, form, ambience and environment will become more important and pronounced this month.
Within all this flurry of stirring and movement the Big Picture may still seem vague; or the how to get “there” may still seem illusive.  What will be very helpful for this is more meditative time, contemplation, time in nature and unstructured writing.  Now, is the time to set time aside for “stream of consciousness” writing.  Some of you will be able to plan the steps; or the steps will now be revealing themselves to you via dreams, synchronistic connections and messages from your Higher Self-Soul Self.  For some of you, it will require more unstructured, creative playtime, to connect with your Inner Muse and receive your answers.   
If you answers seem unduly illusive makes sure you are allowing and creating the space for your answers to bubble up from within you.  Remember even if you receive your answers from external sources or resources “outside yourself” they are still coming from within you. From deep within something is beginning to emerge and become clearer.
There is a metaphysical maxim that the answers we seek only come from the questions we ask.
The Spiritual Guides, OverSouls and the Spiritual Hierarchy have stated that:  “The question opens the channel”.  It is the questioning nature of the mystic, similar to the curiosity of the child; or child like quality or wonder that brings the magic and magical answers.
We are all connected to the woof and warp of this Divine Matrix of the Resonant Fields of Consciousness and Life itself.  This life is Source Energy and it emanates through It’s Principle which is love and light.  This month brings more of an awareness of this through creative expression and more Radiant Soul Expression.  You will want to express; or begin to express more freely and authentically.
Walking the Soul Path of Planetary and Universal Evolutionary Change…
Metaphysical and Soul Insights for Transformation and Soul Expression
Keep Shining Your Light … and Keep Awake
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