Learning to Let Go…….

Learn to let go of plans and expectations and don’t struggle with all the things you think you want or need.  Interestingly in order to really let go you first have to tussle a bit.  It is a bit like the feeling of drowning It is only after you resist a bit that you begin to really relax into the waves of the water. You can really tell the difference between struggle and non-struggle when you naturally and spontaneously stop struggling.

 It is as if something in your mind and body says: “Not working, not working… This is not working…ugh…too tired…Just let go.  Then a peace comes over you and you really feel how much energy it was taking to struggle.  At this point you relax into your present flow. In this relaxation  into your flow you can float on your back or gather your breath to swim.  Somehow all is clearer once you relax.

God, the All That is  hears your pain and the Universe already knows what you are in need of on your life path now.
 Let Go and allow room for Divine intervention. Divine Intervention cannot come in when there is no space.  The space doesn’t have to be huge, a space the size of an inner and outer breath will do.

Now is a time to be willing to accept change. In order to accept this change the Little Self/Ego has to relinquish it’s insistence that it “knows”.  It only knows what it “knew” before you were changing and since you are changing it doesn’t know what is needed in the present and in the future.   Letting go is not letting go to someone or something outside you, but to your Higher Self.  Allow this Higher Self – Higher Power guide you towards better circumstances.

Take time to reflect, allow space and proceed with prudence.  Now is not the time for a mad dashing in or out of something, but to begin to discern the undercurrent of your situation.  Make sure you take time to  really take a look at each step along the way. Don’t do anything you aren’t sure about until you have researched it thoroughly. There are plenty of opportunities for growth and change coming – it isn’t necessary to limit yourself

Change is often uncomfortable at best and painful at worst.  There is a reason that people liken a pebble in their shoe as an irritant from within or externally that is fostering change.

There is less pain in change, when we resist less… Here the idea of less is more is very apropos.  Less resistance and striving will get you more. 

I suggest that you really feel your struggle and resistance.  Really feel how much energy you are putting into the “have to and should.”  Then feel the outer resistance that you are pushing against.  Feel this resistance as a wave and let it crush in on you. It is at this point that you can start to relax your body.  You will begin to feel that what once felt heavy and blocked now begins to feel buoyant and much lighter.  The more you allow this feeling and state of being you will begin to feel the deep inner change move up into more conscious awareness.  It is from this state of awareness that a breakthrough is imminent.

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