The Reconnection and Return on the Path of Spirit and Soul Alignment

The earliest or “Original Wounding” is the “Original Separation”… Or, what seems to be separation. It is really a separating out into individuated consciousness beginning on a Soul level. In truth there isn’t any separation of form or matter. We are not separate… but separated out. This is the Descent into Matter & Form.  This descent is integral to our expression and experience on earth.  We are now in the ascent.  This ascent is “The Return” and “Reconnection” to Source and Source Energies.  It is now about living with and through this awareness. 

This “Original Separation” and “Original Descent” was done in such a way to step down our vibrational frequency to be of matter and to take form. This separating out imprinted within our DNA structure and Energetic Matrix a space that was filled… until now. This space created a lot of fear and anxiety in the human aspect of our species. It allowed for space and time and for an experience of not having, not seeing because in this state one could not feel or connect to their Soul Self/Higher Self and Source. All there was was/is space… A feeling of nothing… Not being connected to anything or anyone… All alone.

On some level there is a longing to go back and reconnect with the full experience. There is also a realization that this world doesn’t know or understand this longing or idea of “home”. 

This is why connecting with others of similar experience, understanding and vibration brings a feeling of “coming home”.

It is so important right now that we move out of the play of extremes points within the polarity plane and the shift from a duality base reality to a unification reality. This starts with each of us.

 The more we can move out of our own play of extremes in our life and within the more we will ascend and create further tipping points for others to do so as well. The Ascension is a planetary and universal one. It is cosmological; as well as individual. The collective aspect of Ascension is just as important as the individual. In fact, the Ascension can not be done one an individual level alone. Yes, to some degree we are our brothers and sisters keepers… Just not in a co-dependent way :)… An interdependent way. 🙂

Be aware of any extremes; or “denials” in your life at this time. Notice where you are stuck or not wanting to go. There are messages, insights and opportunities for growth and Ascension in these circumstances. Also, notice what you not only don’t like in others but what you admire and respect. Ascension is about the life enhancing reflections and well as the counter productive ones. Many people think that the shadow material is the “negative” or less evolved aspects. The shadow is whatever has not been acknowledged and integrated.   

A crucial aspect of Soul Alignment is the Ascension Process; which is a moving away from lower-level creative expressions and creations of emotional drama; as well as the “playing out” the extremes of the polarity plane.

As we ascend we release control on an egoic level and we tap into Divine Grace…. This is the place of Miracles, Divine Right Timing, Synchronistic Connecting and the unfolding of our Soul Path and Soul fulfillment.


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