Harmony Through Conflict and The Dawning of a New Era for More Authentic Living

Since mid January 2013 we moved into a cycle of Harmony Through Conflict.  This is an integral aspect of the Shift  as many people are calling this time of transition and change. 

This cycle ushers in a focus on inner and outer conflicts of all types.  These conflicts range from divergent intentions- counter intentions within individuals to the outer conflicts or arguments and war between religions, ideologies, philosophies, states, nations and countries.

The Universal and Prevailing Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness the Awakening  that is an aspect of the co-creation of the New Paradigm is dictating a time of reconciliation, homeostasis and harmonization.   The Converging Flow; which was an extension and next step from the Harmonic Convergence augments a time of a coming together in groups with shared ideas, philosophies and to connect on a Soul level for mutual benefit.  This is a time of ushering in the importance of community, coherence, communication, cooperation, collaboration and creating a world based on coming together to co-create in harmony.  This is a time of moving from the “Me to the We”.  This is an underpinning of the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm

On some level most, if not all conflict stems from an inner conflict. The more the diverse and seemingly oppositional elements, aspects and parts of self are harmonized and integrated the less conflict within a person and their life.  You can imagine simplistically how this can and does affect a community, state, nation, country and world.  The less inner conflict the more love. light and wisdom we contain and this is expressed in how we live with each other.

We are in a time of harmonizing and re-balancing the dual nature within ourselves and our outer expressions.  This means that the “game” of experiencing and playing out the extremes of polarity and living with a disconnected nature and disenfranchised aspects of our nature and life is ending.

The underlying trend is actually towards harmonization, synergy, integration and unity.  This can be seen if you look at the thread that is being woven throughout our individual shifting and the collective impulse.                                     I say underpinning and collective impulse because an impulse and what is foundational is not always seen on the surface.

I vary often get asked on this topic:  “What can we I do?”  I know this may sound to many a bit like  Kumbaya  New Agey sentiment.  I would suggest that no, it is not and that all collective change happens via individuals.  We are the collective and so the changes that systemically take place first happen in the hearts, minds and consciousness of individuals that then come together in unison for a shared purpose. Every person does make a difference in this life.

All changes garner strength first from the individual and then extends out to the collective. There can be exponential leaps and advances in change; however the seeds of change are in the old; as well as in an individual thrust.   Begin to take the measures to  really understand and know that you do make a difference.   Begin to live out this understanding and reality daily.  Choose to make your choices from this reality.  How many people and in what way are not really of importance. The importance is in each person knowing that they do make a difference and their life and how they live it is integral to the positive life enhancing changes on our planet and life in general.

In light of this what can you do is to harmonize and integrate your seemingly divergent aspects of self, do your own healing work, join in with others in fulfilling life enhancing activities.  Take time to find and reconcile your own inner conflict and relating patterns that are not healthy or life enhancing for you in your life.  Take time for sacred time for yourself. Don’t stay caught in the over emphasis of outer activity to the detriment of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspect or your being.

Look to areas of your own inner conflict whether you are experiencing this on an inner level and/or an outer level in your circumstances. 

Very often when we have divergent needs, inner conflict and are fearful of our next level this will manifest as some would say: “self sabotage”.  

Examine what is happening in your life for areas of unfulfilled needs, feelings, imaginings, desires and intentions that are assisting in the co-creation you are experiencing in your life at this time.When one really contemplates in honesty, truth and integrity one can begin to see how opposing feelings, desires and opposite intentions can create stalemates and thwart one’s conscious desires.  This thwarting can cause unhealed wounds and issues to fester and take root causes unhealthy behavior at best and at worst violent behavior and war.

Learn to truly know and feel that your achievement is not only an outer expression, but also an “inner” one.  You can achieve new insights, understanding, a releasing of a pattern or belief that has held you back.
Base your choices on the Higher Perspective for not only you, but all concerned.  This will bring a natural harmonization, coherence and resonance to your choices; and therefore your life.   The more resonance in your life, the more coherence.  The more coherence in your life the more balance and synergy between head, heart, body, mind spirit; which allows more Soul Expression.
Make regularly slowing down, de-stressing and tuning into your own inner knowing a priority.  This can be through meditation, prayer and whatever forms of this type of activity appeal to you.  The definition, terms and philosophical approach are not as important as the activity as resource for you and your life. What is important is that you have a way of doing this that is supportive of you and your inner nature.  Learn to trust your own inner guidance, by seeing how aligned it is to your overall vision.  There are now, with the advent of the web and enculturation of the internet as a resource, many sources and ways to learn to heal and integrate healthier lifestyle choices.  There are very affordable and free resources and tools for meditation, stress management, counseling, healing work, and spiritual integration.
Many times the very thing we need to do , we are afraid to do because it is unfamiliar.    The unfamiliar can feel so difficult to do. This is because it is not yet “normal” to you… It is not yet habit.
Take time to see if your responses are reactions and old ways of responding; which means your old pattern and perspective.
By seeing your habitual patterns you can step back and ask yourself”  “What would be a NEW response for me?”  You can learn to not overly focus on material gain and outer security.  You can learn new ways of responding that are of a more harmonized integrated and peaceful response.

This cycle of Harmony Through Conflict is not punitive in nature. It is a bio-spiritual rectification.  In order for their to be more Soul Expression this adjusting,  re-balancing, harmonizing and integration needs to take place to allow the ways of being, relating; as well as the societal systems to be able to hold the energetic vibrational frequencies of the New Emerging Consciousness to be embraced, imbibed and expressed.

A Tipping Point is and has taken place.  The trend is toward unification and healing.  Healing means to bring into balance and wholeness; and this manifests differently for each person, group, system and situation.

It is not a cookie cutter recipe; however it will entail what is of the Highest Good and most life enhancing for individuals, humanity, nature, earth, all beings, including animal beings and Universal Expression.  Similar to a cold, flu or any other condition or illness there is a time of the condition, illness or disease flaring up and getting worse. 

I have been speaking on this time period for the last few years in my Soul Path workshops  and         Tele Soul Path workshops/groups.      This time in will soon be seen as one of great accountability and responsibility.  The responsibility is similar, and yet individually different for each person, group, company and system.  The basis of this responsibility is consciousness – become more conscious, awake and aware.  It can be as simple as not over consuming, not just on a material level, as in shopping, but also in eating, space and other forms of living where people tend to take more that they really need.  This responsibility can be caring more for your neighbors, purchases from companies that are more environmentally and economically caring.

This responsibility can be for more authentic living, more transparency and personal ethics.  The changes in consciousness will manifest in all sectors of life and in all aspects of living: spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and materially.  Due to the Converging Flow this Awakening and urge for more Awareness and Consciousness will have overall similarities and yet be uniquely individual to each person and their Soul Path.

This cycle was ushered in during January 2011. If you remember the term that was coined, “Arab Spring”  , describing the rising and more publicized conflicts in the Middle East was becoming more well known and main stream.  The  following October, 2011 we had the onset of the “Occupy Movement” and a wider awareness of this grassroots movement.  It is not that there had not been these types of movements, conflicts, awareness raising activities and aggressive outbursts it is that these conflicts, disruptions and protests became part of a global norm with main stream awareness.
I write this not to focus on fear or a perception of: “What is happening in our world”.  I write this post to focus on what we can individually and personally do and offer a Spiritualist, Metaphysical and Esoteric point of view.  
There are other ways to look at this time of Transition, Awakening and the Great Shift  .
Some Astrological viewpoints shed light on the details and timing of this time of  transition and change due to the planetary aspects that are being experienced.

In  the I Ching  harmony is looked at as peace.  In Carol K Anthony’s book A Guide to the I Ching she describes this peace as coming from  being “correct” within; that the qualities of heaven and the qualities of earth are balanced within and the person is in harmony with the Universe. I have been a student of the I Ching and have studied various interpretations since the late 80’s.  I find the I Ching, especially the Carol K Anthony edition,  an invaluable tool in moving my awareness to the Witness Self and deeper human understanding.

The word harmony comes from: The Old French via the Latin harmonize and concordia – a joining or joint coming together. ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French concorde, from Latin concordia, from concors ‘of one mind,’ from con- ‘together’ + cor, cord- ‘heart.  We can learn quite a bit of insight into what this cycle of Harmony Through Conflict means by this definition and etymology.
Bringing head and heart together and joining together are integral.  It is important to understand that this joining together is not just with other people, but also within ourselves.

I think the words of Astrologer and Metaphysician  Robert Wilkinson- Aquarius Papers blog sheds some light and understanding during this time:  “This is the edge of historical change. The period from 1994-2016 will be seen as one where the entire world hit the razor’s edge, and found that despite the wreckage of the old era and its ways, a new era dawned that made the old one look dismal by comparison.”

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