Cleanse, Clear and Connect In


What do you need to Cut Back, Cut Down, Clean Up, Clear Out to Connect in more deeply or completely.
What has been nudging you, calling you to release?  What new level of Soul experience and expression are you co-creating and need to prepare?
What do you have too much of; or are you doing too much?
Too much of a “bad” thing, and even too much of a “good” thing can block our Inner Connection.
Excess in any direction can cause blocks to our Inner Connection to our Higher Self and our Inner Knowing.  Too much stuff whether in your mind, thoughts or closets overly slows down and blocks your energy.  We are energetic beings, so our life is all about energy.  So take the extra sell it, re-purpose it or  a Gift It Away...
Imbalances on either side of our center point through us off and filter our Inner Messages.
For 21 days, we are Clearing Out to Connect In
We are doing a Cleanse, Clear and Connect Inprogram. It’s only 4 Wednesdays that you will be clearing out, cleaning up… Who knows you might even take it further.
Join us at Awakenings Radio   We would love to have you join in and share in this group meditation of getting clear for our next level.
Let’s do this in the Spirit of Play and Joy.  We are traveling on this Soul Path in many different ways, with many different focuses as unique as we are individual.  One thing is for sure to have a great trip you don’t want to over pack and have too much baggage.
It is time to curb any excesses, whether in the realm of body, mind, emotions, material possessions, thoughts; or even spirit.  If you are hoarding your energy and waiting for the big “what if the big one comes” then you are in an imbalance. It is time to share your energy with the world.
Clear your filters, viewpoints and points of view… Cleaning the windows of your mind allows more light in so you can really gain clarity.   The clearer you see, the more aware.
Let us know what you are clearing, cleansing and cleaning out- Leave a comment and/or picture on the Awakenings Radio Facebook page of what you are cutting back on, clearing out, cleaning out to connect in…..
You can also email me at: and share this way. I will read your insights and sharing on Awakenings … So tune in to be a part of this wave of Clearing Out, Cleaning Up to Connect In.

Your Soul wants to shine… to fly….. to soar and connect with others to share and create.   In order to fly there has to be space to flutter your wings.   
Clearing Out, Cleaning Out and Connect In gives you the space for your Soul to flutter, take off and fly.

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