Awakening and the Soul

You cannot fully awaken without a connection, understanding and honoring of your Soul.  You know your Soul Self and come to love, appreciate and honor this part by connecting more intimately and consistently with your Higher Self.

The Self to know is the self beyond the constructed self or false ego.  Your constructed ego can easily be manipulated into false pathways to avoid discomfort, fear and uncertainty.  This constructed ego many times mistakes wanting to be a part of with a fear of not belonging and not being good enough.

These two buttons are quite a motivator to go with false information to seem to be somebody instead of honoring the somebody that it is.
The somebody that each of us are is a somebody that is a Divine Reflection from the kaleidoscope of the many shades of colors, tones, shimmers, notes, hues within the Expression and Experience of the All That Is of Creation. 

In truth everything is a manifestation of Spirit into physical form.  Manifestations can come from an Egotistic level or a Soul level.    To manifest from what one thinks they need and want is very limiting. These types of manifestations and life focus do not take into account one’s Soul Design, Soul Purpose and Soul Path.

As one awakens more they tend to answer the question: “What am I meant to do?” from a place of  Deep Inner Knowing, Spiritual Urge and place of inspiration.   This Deep Inner Knowing and Spiritual Urge; or Nudge may or may not fit into the “Glamour Realm” of the main stream/race consciousness.  It will come from a place that is less diluted that reflects and honors that person’s individual Soul Expression.

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