Trust Your Higher Self and Your Soul Path

Trust your Higher Self and your Path…

If you are finding yourself anxious and not able to trust the direction of your path take the time to slow down, tune in and become more receptive.

This morning in my meditation this came to me:  “Grace does not come without effort”

The fruits, the Divine comforting feeling, the relief from dis-stress, uncertainty and anxiety does not come until we have struggled a bit…..

This struggle can also be called persistent effort…….. The taking time to calm the mind, tune in, move the body, rock the body, pray…. It is in the action of our Spiritual PracticeMental and Emotional Tools  that a balancing takes place. The balancing of the Inner Psyche with the Body-Mind creates an alchemical process and then Voila!   We feel the peace and calm… We feel the sweet tingly energy of Grace- Shakti-the Holy Ghost…; which is the Holy (Whole Spiritual Energy)…

This  Ghost is the calming energy of the life force animating energy.

You have to put the time in….the effort in…and then you do receive the payoff.    The payoff will not happen without the time and effort…  Sometimes it is very little effort and focus and sometimes it is quite a lot.

When we are on a part of our path that is bumpy, chunky, with a lot of twists, turns and blind spots this is the time to tune in more, not less…  This is the time to use your Spiritual Tools and Soul Path Tools (mental, emotional, physical, and positive material triggers)

Ask yourself what brings a sense of peace and calm to you?

What scents? Incense? Candles?
What colors?  What sounds? Tones?
Which music?
What types of clothing?
What locations? Environments?
What can you read to bring the peace and calm?

For me there are certain, colors, clothing, flavors, scents, incense and even foods that nurture, balance and give me positive triggers. 

There are also certain activities and classes… My Buti Yoga class with an extra long sivasana… A walk along the beach or a specific trail I love.
Extra time and stretching on my pilates machicne… Extra Trikanasana time… And, sometimes wild woman dancing to some really good house-techo music…soulful songs and chanting to move the energy through vocalizing…
For me …movement…movement.. Movement…and then stillness                                                             Prayer – Meditation

Good soup…
A nice robust tea
This may give you some ideas.

This week take time to look for and create positive triggers for your own self care, self nurturing, self connecting and communing with the Divine Aspect of You/Higher Self.

Self Care = Self Love

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