Envision and Declare. Your Higher Self will do the rest.


The Energies that are coming into play are bringing a heightened focus on the urge to find one’s “true place” and to make sure that one is living a more fulfilled life.  This will be even more evident from May onward.  Some of you may be experiencing this urge now early.   If you are experiencing this urge now take time to really give it some thought. 
Contemplate your life now from 2 perspectives:
1-    Review your life from the perspective of Soul unfolding, Soul Growth, Fulfillment and Self Expression. Review your life to notice whether you or someone else if “muzzling you” Meaning are you in relationships or circumstances that you are allowing someone or yourself to muzzle your Self Expression and Soul Growth?  This will take some real honest looking.  However, better to do this now than later on in the upcoming energetic cycles.   I will be sharing more on why this is so; however for the now it is really important that you stay in the moment with your contemplation and evaluation. 
2-     Review your life to see and feel how much love you are experiencing.  This love will be from your own Inner Connection as well as with other people in your life.  This love will also come from art, self expression, creativity and service. 
The Soul is inherently about Self Expression.  This is what the Soul is here to do.  The Soul is an Individualized Expression of The All That Is = God.  We are here to express and experience. The cornerstone of this experience and expression is Love… Love in all forms, themes, variations, degrees and octaves.  The Call in the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm is expressing the Higher Octave of Love in all it’s forms.
Once you have reviewed this part of your life then take time to envision the areas that need to be expressed more fully and completely.  All you need to do is take the time to acknowledge and envision. Tell your Higher Self (which is you) that you are now ready to receive, express and experience more love in Higher Octave ways.   Make a declaration to yourself and the Universe that the abundance that you are you  now ready to live out unobstructed.    
 Envision and Declare. Your Higher Self will do the rest.
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