Inner Knowing and Manifesting


As Beings of Spirit we are infinite and therefore not only our creations, manifestations are infinite but also our experiences and expressions.

The decisions that are made without an Inner Knowing and connection to one’s own Higher Self, which comes from beyond the surface mind, are based on ‘man made’ laws and ideas only and not the higher or more expanded aspect of Consciousness.  They are not bad…or good… They are just of a more limited nature and understanding. 

We have lived with a medium range of experience and expression of what is right or wrong.  
It is now time to leave the area of right or wrong and rise above to what is most honoring,  life enhancing, fulfilling and sacred.

Move out of the idea of wrong or right – good or bad into what brings a sense of sacredness and honor to your life and the life of others.  As you move into sacredness you will befriend and begin an endearing relationship to your own Inner Knowing.  

When you honor the relationship to your own Inner Knowing your manifestations will come from “the Higher Directive”; which is your Soul.   Your Soul Expression is infinite in nature and capabilities; as well as expressions that are based upon and within your Soul Design.

You cannot manifest the fullness of your being if you are trying to manifest from a Soul Design that is not yours…or you… 

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