Source Expressions

Every life form, expression and experience of life in the Universe is valid, needed and part of the Whole of Life Expression of the All That Is.  If it is “here” then it is valid and an integral part of the whole.  
Every expression and experience is a Call from the All That Is to know, love and express Itself… And, each of us is this “Self/self”.   

Every expression and experience has a corresponding vibrational complex and the thoughtforms, mental constructs, and physical blueprint etherically to birth or manifest it into physical form.

 If it’s here it is birthed from the All That Is – Life Force Animating Energy – God as a way to know, love, experience and express itself.

Your manifestations emanate from your Soul Design… They are the aspects, experiences and expressions reflected from your Soul, your Soul Path and Soul Purpose.  Every experience that you have has within it the elements of your own individual complex of vibrational frequencies. 
We are Source Emanations in an individuated form. We are separated out from Source; however not separate.  We are Source Expressions experiencing life. In this experience we reflect back upon ourselves and we have the potential for Conscious Creation.

The truth is everything is a manifestation of Spirit into physical form 
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