Hiding Your Light?

 I think sometimes we strive for perfection a bit too much- perfection from ourselves and relationships.
Many times this perfection is a way of “hiding“…. Not coming out to shine your own light until it is all perfect…. The truth is a an aspect of us is perfect and yet we are always perfecting.
We, as well as our circumstances are always becoming more and more ideal…

On the Divine Soul Path we go through periods of  “Defining and Refining”…. We are, or have the potential to become more than we were…. We define what it is we are drawn to, what we need or want…. Then over time as we grow and become more aware of our True Nature we refine those aspects of our life.

Defining is noticing what is and naming it for ourselves.  This helps the ego/personality know itself as an Individualized Aspect of God; or the All That Is
Refining is the adjustments we do from becoming more aware and living the higher octave… The love we once had that was over emotional now becomes a love of  oneself,  others, life, nature and in fact the very process of living the mystery of life.

Take some time this week to focus on just being yourself in the moment and just relating….. Just connecting and sharing with the person in front of you and the environment you are in at this time.

Notice if you are spending too much time “perfecting” instead of living or relating. Make the  gentle adjustments this week that allow you to live more and not stay on the sidelines or “observation tower”.

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