Your Source is Within

In truth everything is a manifestation of Spirit into physical form.  Manifestations can come from an Egotistic level or a Soul level.    To manifest from what one thinks they need and want is very limiting. These types of manifestations and life focus do not take into account one’s Soul Design, Soul Purpose and Soul Path.  To manifest on a Soul Level one needs a deep and fluid connection to one’s own Inner Being, Inner Life and Inner Knowing

 The decisions from a place without this Inner Knowing and connection to one’s own Higher Self, which comes from beyond the surface mind, are based on ‘man made’ laws and ideas only and not the higher or more expanded aspect of Consciousness.  They are not bad…or good… They are just of a more limited nature and understanding.  We have lived with a medium range of experience and expression of what is right or wrong.  It is now time to leave the area of right or wrong and rise about to what is most honoring, life enhancing, fulfilling and sacred. 
Perhaps the question is if every life is sacred how do we honor this, even if we don’t understand a particular life expression.  In the path of “Human Expression” there are preferred life paths and expressions.   These expressions and experiences will usually include what is financial stability, a certain certain scores, the guy or girl next to you; and for many a prestigious title.  It is not to say that these main stream concerns or goals have no importance. There has been an over emphasis of importance which has caused the deeper meaning in life and relationships to be obscured.  This has led to an epidemic of emptiness and a deep disconnection within people and within our very life systems.

In the New Paradigm what will matter is what is the true Soul Expression and Soul Purpose for a person.   This will be made clear by one’s connection to their Soul Design, understanding this, aligning to this and living it seamlessly.   We are meant to experience and express our Soul and not a version or idea of our Soul from a source outside ourselves.  This source can be a person, a doctrine, a channeled personality, a philosophy or religion.  The true source is within and it is without doctrine.  There can be philosophies or principles that lead and guide us there; however they cannot become our source.  
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