Follow the resonance

 Follow the resonance to where you are being guided.

This guidance comes from within and your external experiences can only reinforce, persuade where you are to go; or dissuade where you are to go.

If there is conflict or the appearance of struggle see what this invokes in you.

We are not only to celebrate our sameness, but to honor our differences and uniqueness.

The Soul Path is an avenue for the Soul to express it’s uniqueness while reflecting out and then reflecting back on itself.

Unity is not only about agreement and sameness it is also about the recognition of  beauty of difference and how the differences blend to create harmony.

The Soul wants to extend out, to radiate out in concert with others.  The Soul is the individual voice and verse of the universe and multi-verses.  Harmonizing and resonating does not occur through replicating each other, but in mixing and blending together in a compatible balance.

Allow your life to unfold in a way that is not overly dependent on others and what seems to be on the outside of you.  Consciously develop a life relating to others in a way that allows your own life path to be made sacred.  This happens with an interdependence that stems from a love of your life as well as those around you.   Some call this tolerance, some call this respect.  I call this love…

Today, let love lead the way.

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