Awakening and Releasing Lower Octave Expressions

The challenges  that are coming up now are opportunities for you to choose responses from the “Higher Octave of expression and experience and not the “Lower Octave”.  The energies during this Gateway-Portal of Light  are very intense, expanded-expanding, moving quickly and exacting. There is not a lot of margin for error.

What is this error? The error is choosing from a lower harmonic, lower octave, over attachment and/or based on irrational fear. The fears that will be rearing their little heads are fears of survival, fear of not having enough, fear of not being enough, fear of not being loved, fear for safety of the body and physical existence.

Wherever your little; or big “Fear Button” is, it will be pushed…

I am not talking about the natural fear of moving into the unknown or a new level. I am not talking about the fear you may have from a growling dog or a black bee landing on your nose… I am talking about the over the top, over blown fear that seems like a hug hole you fell into and can’t get out. I am also talking about the chronic fear that hovers over your head like a dark cloud or mist…

This fear has to go. It is a fear that is based on what isn’t real, never was real, but was created or staged in the mind. It can be a fear of what has occurred in the past; however it is rarely a fear of what is in the present. If it’s irrational then time to go.. Bye Bye Fear.. ..

If you are in fearful situation in the present it will pass. If it is following you around and you are making your decisions and choices based on “this fear” then time to let it go… Leave the fear in the past and move into the present.

What will happen is you will free up this energy to use in the new co-creations and manifestations that you will need more energy for in 2013 and beyond. Energy is energy; however the filtering and “What Ifs” step down the vibrational frequency and squeeze the wavelength…

If you are feeling irrational fear in any area of your life this is a sign that you are limiting yourself due to lower level expressions and survival.   During this time of heightened uncertainty due to so much shifting the “little ego/constructed ego” is sure “it” is doomed as so much feels different and new.  The constructed ego is so afraid it is going to be left behind and not get “it’s” needs met.
Irrational fear is pointing to areas where you are still hanging onto  outmoded patterns of relating, expressing and experiencing.  This is also represented by outmoded ways of being in relationship, not only with others, but oneself.

Many words and their meaning are taking on the higher octave.  The idea of sacrifice is also getting a face lift, so to speak. The word sacrifice from the word sacer or holy is truly about taking the ‘lower’ or limiting and bringing it to the ‘higher’ or higher octave.  Sacrifices in life can be very honoring and healing.  They can bring wholeness – holiness or a mess…  A sacrifice for the less conscious expression is life-enhancing.  To bring varying aspects of our life and parts of self together creates coherence, resonance and is a holy act. In truth a sacrifice that is a ‘giving up’ in retrospect if it is out of awareness and an expanded conscious ultimately is for the greater or most expanded out-picturing.

Making a sacrifice for self and others can be a sacred overture; and actually feels good to rise above lower level concerns.  This actually is a part of Self Development and Spiritual Integration; as well as the Soul Alignment.  Delaying gratification and refraining from knee jerk reactions is empowering.
Compromise is empowering and can bring a sense of unity; however not to compromise your Soul…. Compromising the little ego’s needs can be very liberating.  Compromising from the Soul level is debilitating.  It wears the Soul down and eventually crushes it.

Here are some points to keep in mind at this time:

Ask yourself if and where you are limiting yourself?  Where are you overly self sacrificing?  These will be the areas that you actually need more self expression and more focus on Self/self.

In sacrificing are you hurting yourself?  Are you denting or diminishing your Soul Expression?

Are you making ‘sacrifices big and small’ so that you don’t or can’t more fully step into your life and express more fully?   Are you hiding in ‘doing for others’?

Take time to take note of where your Soul is wanting and needing more radiant expression.

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