Spiritual & Material

One of the key components of the New Paradigm and New World that is being created is the rebalancing of personal focus and group focus.   This expanded consciousness asks us to reach out into groups, to connect with our soul family and soul tribe.   We do this by allowing and following the resonance and by doing that which is in front of us.    As we are called to join together, to meet in small groups, to share our stories and gifts we do this now not in sacrifice of the “I”, but with inclusion of the “We”.  This is a huge difference in our human culture and life path.  For eons the life expression was either the Spiritual Nature or Material Nature as a focus.  In reality they are one in the same.

In the realm of Spirit and the Soul there is no either or; there is “and” and “both”.  All are seen viable. If something is no longer viable or life-enhancing its form is dissipated and the energy is subsumed back into Source Energies to be used and manifested in other ways.  

The call to action is to look within… To connect with like- minded individuals of similar resonance and pitch in. Ask where can I help? Where can I serve?  To serve a larger God than the little “I” is powerful.
Your Higher Self is orchestrating the most amazing, life enhancing life for you.  Are you willing to join in?
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