Don’t Rush Through the Threshold

The Soul manifests and expresses life in a spiral of experience.
In our transitions, changes and growth experiences we are always at a similar point; yet with more awareness and expanded consciousness. 
We are always expressing ourselves from the Soul Design or a facsimile of our Soul Design.
If we not aligned to our Soul and are living from the base of the “Constructed Ego” and not the template of the Soul our Soul will continue to  stretch to meet and embrace this aspect of us.  The Soul does this to influence us and imbue us with the Urge of Spirit and  our Spiritual Nature.  
Our Higher Self will through Divine Nudges, signs, symbols, messages, synchronicities and the Spiritual Urge will work to orchestrate a connection.  
Each stage is a form of initiation.  As our vibrational frequency is raised we connect more with the purity of our Soul Design & the Soul Template.  This then becomes more lived out and expressed.
At each stage we become a “Dweller on the Threshold”.  
Not every initiation or stage of life is life changing; however each in their own way is important.
When we are at a crossroads and at a threshold to a new level or part of life it is important to not rush through.  What “was” is no longer; and yet what is unfolding is not yet completely in form.  At this time you are at a simultaneous ending and new beginning.  Both need to be focused on and realized.  You are both letting go and embracing…
Our life does not originate out of “nothingness”, but comes from what was before…
Take time to focus on where you were and where you are now.  Notice the synchronicities in your life and where they are guiding you.
Notice the common theme or themes in your life.
This will act as a sign post and will contain the signs as to what is unfolding for you.
Take time daily to reflect on what is happening so you can receive insight and inner guidance to know what you need to choose to enact the higher perspective.
In taking time to allow space and tune in you will begin to receive the answers as to what is right action.
You only can know what you need to choose by slowing down to reflect on what is happening to you.
The “right” choice can connect you to a deeper sense of universal connection and start you on a whole new life path.  This new life path can create a whole new adventure and focus for you.
Remember much of what is “happening to you” is either an inner directive from your Higher Self and/or an unfolding of your destiny through the arrangement of God-  Universe and your Soul Plan.

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