We are the New Form of Money

We are the New Form of Money….
We always have been.. But this has been hidden, forgotten.  A part of the great Awakening is remembering 

Money is a form of energy, as is time, as is space, as are talents… 
We are Energetic Beings  energized and energizing at various speeds of expression, resonance, vibration and wavelength.  We shine in various ways and this could be described as Light… Or, we could describe this as various sounds or tones and this could be described as music or Song of the Spheres.
We are a song or verse in the universe = uni verse… One song many notes.

Part of  The Shift and the awareness that comes from the Shift is an awareness of our resources starting with ourselves.

We had created and were living in a contemporary caste system.  The race was to join various systems as a way of reflecting our love via status and acceptance of the other.  This over emphasis on an outer focus made it easy to be manipulated and not see the truth of who and what we are.

A world had been created that one’s worth was determined by the system you either found yourself in; or clawed your way to be a part.

Let’s take the system of universities and colleges; or higher learning.
If you were in the Ivy League system that was seen as better and more advantageous than the UC system. If you were in the UC system this was seen to be better than the Cal State system; and if you were in the City College system you were seen to be at the low end of the totem pole, so to speak.
You can see this caste system of sorts in all facets and areas of life.  From cars, houses, housing, neighborhoods, friends, colleagues, clothing, music, and so on…

The new energy that is being downloaded on the planet is pulsing with the message:   
You are not the system you find yourself in and most importantly you are not your systems.
You created your systems.
You can leave them.
You can update them.
You can change them.
You can move beyond them.
The truth is our answers will come from outside the system.  The will come from the Source of All That Is, the aspect of us that is Source.  This is where any great idea comes from; or any creation.
The healing that all seek, the answer is coming from us in all areas and in many ways.
We are the answer… Each of us is a question,  a call and an answer.  

A fundamental part of the Shift is the breaking down, dissolving, updating and restructuring of our systems.  These systems start with a very primary system – relationships.  Our relationship with and to ourself and with other people, the world and universe at large.

Many people ask what will the new form of money be when the economical system crashes?
The answer:  Us.   

We will begin to see that it is not our systems that save us. It is us.  It is not our systems, businesses, corporations that create jobs, ideas or inventions. It is us.

We we begin to see we are our own best resource and that we have infinite resources within us from Source we then begin to detach from systems and relate as people.  As a people we are Spiritual Beings.

See yourself as a resource.  Notice all the resources you have.  Connect with others and see them as resources. Your ideas, thoughts, feelings, creativity, talents, gifts and most importantly your love are resources.  You are a resource just as you being you.

I am not suggesting that systems are not life enhancing, beneficial or needed.  They are; however when we begin to forget we created the system or systems and that we comprise the systems we give our power away.  We abnegate our true worth as creators.

All systems are a way of managing energy.  A relationship is a way of managing the type of energy that is reflected in the relationship.  All systems reflect types of energy.  All forms are manifested and managed energy.  A form holds the energy; holds the energy in a certain form and function.

There are innumerable forms of energy.  As energy beings we  co-create and house this energy within our life and focuses.

Money is simply one form of energy…. There are so many. An abundant amount of energy forms and ways to express these forms of energy.

By focusing on our various forms of energy expression we connect with our innate abundance. Forms that are no longer relevant change form or cease to be.  The forms change, are updated or become extinct, but not the energy.

After all the Universe is Abundant Energy and this Energy is Love…

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