2012 & Beyond Update_ Acclimation & Group Focus

The next few months bring a focus of endings and new directions for some. For many a time of contemplation and preparation will be the focus. The losses, endings and changes that are experienced within the next 7-8 months will bring new directions and people in your life that are better aligned to your overall path. This will also bring a deeper recognition and understanding of the importance of group awareness, support and connecting with friends and family.

We are being urged to connect with our Spiritual Family and to share our experiences, talents and resources. This is not a time to branch out on your own; or turn away from others. It is a time to come together in shared causes, interests, projects and philosophy.

The Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness are requiring a next level of spiritual focus. You will see many people that will not be going further on this part of the path. Many will not be able to handle the energy and will make decisions that either set them back or get them focused in a new direction. Not everyone is to go the distance.

We are in a phase of the Path of Return. The path of return emphasizes our group-collective and galactic roots. Not everyone is meant to integrate and experience this aspect of their being on this dimension. The dimension I speak of is the 5th and 6th dimension. We are in a heightened level and focus of the Ascension. This can be felt energetically and manifest within the body as a bouncing between feelings of anxiety and inner calm. Some of the anxiety is from uncertainty on a local, national and global level. This uncertainty is seen and felt in all structures and many forms of relationship.

Another source of this anxiety is the ramping up of the energy that is now on the planet. On a whole our society has not learned how to integrate this new type of energy; as well as individually we do not yet fully know how to integrate and release. The ego interprets this new energy pattern as: “Something has to be done.” “I have to go.” I have to do something” “I have to fight this; or leave this.” The flight or fight aspect of our human condition is being triggered. The one thing to do above all else is to go within, to reach out and share, to dialogue and to engage physical movement. Move your body; and if you can’t move your body move your mind with ideas and your imagination.

We are also entering another Gateway-Portal of light and this will bring an activation and acceleration of energy. This intensification will have many feeling anxious and wanting to jump to conclusions or force decisions.
Major decisions unless they were known about, started last year, or earlier; as well as initiated between January and February of this year, should be held off until after the summer months. You will have more clarity and you will have a better handle on the new energy pattern.
We are in a major activation and acceleration cycle. I am sure you feel the anxious energy.

We are to be learning how to manage this new energy pattern that is now pulsing on our planet.
This is a time of acclimation and winding into opportunities and not jumping.
New directions can be had and choices for new opportunities are available; however one must really check and re-check that they are really doing the choosing from the Higher Directive of the Higher Self and not the Lower Self. This will be challenging, difficult and for some near impossible to do as self-delusion is running high.

The new energy pattern is pushing and pulling and the ego/personality wants to end the ambiguity. More acclimation to this energy pattern for the first rung or first tier lightworkers/lightbears/wayshowers will be experienced toward the end of the summer months and into the fall months.

We are all getting a wonderful opportunity to learn first hand about right action, right relationship and right livlihood.
We are not only to think about ourselves and immediate family; but to consider those we have inner ties with, and have been entrusted to; as well as those that are a part of our Soul Group. We are now entering a time of more inclusiveness and coming together.

On a collective level we are learning group consciousness; however not at the expense of our individual track on the path. As we move out of the old paradigm model of self-sacrifice we move into group service and individual Soul expression.
Take time to celebrate your life- your gifts, talents and all you do. Find ways to share your gifts more with others.

Take time to contemplate and go within to connect with your Inner Guide. Take time to learn to know the difference between decisions that are more ego- centered and Higher Self centered.

You will find that the more you are flowing with the changes and the less you are orchestrating your changes the more you will be in alignment with your Higher Self and in a Resonant Flow.

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