Right Action Aligns us with the Universal Flow

The ability to wait until right action is revealed is not only a great skill it is so important at this point in The Shift.
This coupled with the capacity to remain centered and hold your ground mentally, emotionally and physically is an ability to be developed right now.
When there is not a clear choice in direction; or the directions, choices and options are not very life enhancing the ability to stand firm where you are and persevere is a form of empowerment and reveals a high level of Soul Connection.
Choose non-reactivity before you act. The best action is a response; and the first response is to the Higher Self and higher directive.
Once the ego/personality has received and responded to the insight, then action can be seen as “Right Action”.                                                                                         Right Action aligns us with Divine Right Timing.

When we act or react we move out of flow consciousness. When we react we are no longer in Synchronistic Timing. We move out of “timing” and into “time”.
As our unfolding of time is changing into timing it is even more important that we align with the subtle energy of the resonant field and allow this to guide us.

Every moment in the universe is synchronized. Just because on an ego level we get surprised doesn’t mean that the changes we see in our earth, world and personal life haven’t been occurring on deeper levels. Very often we ask ourselves: How could this happen? How did this happen? Well, “it” was happening on the etheric plane and within the subtle energy. Nothing happens on this earth and in this world that has not first manifested vibrationally and etherically.

This is one of the reasons that looking beyond ego concerns and beyond the material concerns and focus is so important. However, one has to be emotionally clear enough to not be swayed or tricked by the ego.
You will have a better chance of knowing your true directional flow and urge of Spirit by aligning to your Soul’s Template and following the inner directive of your Higher Self.Your true directional flow aligns you with Source Energies in a way that is most coherent to the Universal Unfolding.
Actions that are harmonizing and that create coherence are being supported by the Universal Flow.
What is being disrupted is that which is no longer harmonizing.

Picture a spiral and that many beings are on different parts of this spiral. Imagine that the spiral is moving in a clockwise direction and that in order to move ahead on the spiral that you had to move in coherence with every being (really all of life) that was next to you on the spiral. In other words you have your place, your space on the spiral, as each person; and actually all living forms does, as well. However the only way to really move into a position that is optimal is by moving in concert with those around you. So, perhaps one being is a bit slower. You may have to hang back a bit and be content where you are; and then another being next to you is moving faster and this is bumping you up to the next rung on the spiral a bit faster…

However, the only way to move is to move in a way that is harmonious with those around you.
This is the directive of the New Emerging Consciousness. It has always been this way. It is a Universal Law. The Shift and the New Paradigm that is being co-created is now requiring this way of being, living and acting on an everyday level. This understanding and way of being in the world was once only for the Mystics, Metaphysicians, Shaman’s and Spiritualists. This knowing was saved for those that knew and followed the esoteric doctrines and ways. As Mystics we were trained for this, as walk-ins and Star Seeds you had to live this; or learned this quickly.

Now, it doesn’t matter if you know the esoteric ways. The Laws of the Universe are trumping the laws of the ego. The “old game” of the “old paradigm” has become too small. It is no longer an interesting exploration or experience to play in and reflect. As a collective we have gone as far as we can in the “Fall into Matter” It is time to understand and live from the fusion of Spirit into Matter and to allow the true life directive of the Soul to shine through to full expression.

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