Move Beyond Who Loses or Gains Into the Source Energy of the Infinite

Loss and Hardship are some of the tools of the Alchemical Process.

This brings an inner strength and depth of understanding.

For who is losing?

In every loss; whether large or small we have the opportunity to acknowledge and understand the Truth of Who We Are..

Beyond the loss and limitation is the Infinite Source that we are.

When you release the grasping therein lies the chance to connect with your Higher Nature that part which is Infinite.

As Spirit in form we are having this human experience to bond.  Attachment is part of the experience; however when we are too attached to outcomes and results we invite situations in to test our inner knowing about the Truth of Who we are beyond the ‘I’ or ‘We’

Loving and bonding with loved ones, circumstances and what we have co-created is to be enjoyed and celebrated.
Take some time to align and feel your Spiritual Essence in a way that you are bonded and not enmeshed in your own creations.

Connect with the Source  Energies by feeling your connection to everyone and all that is in this experience and beyond.  Take time to attune within to the Source of All that you are a part.

Today take time in meditation to  identify with this Source.

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