How Do You Know If You Are In Resonance?

Go where you feel uplifted …. Joy = resonance

Let grace and  ease led your way.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges.  You will have to persist and persevere.

Grace and Ease allows you to align to the openings.  This allows you to remain connected to your Higher Self and in this way you will know what is right action.

Right action can be ‘Non Action’ …. Right action can be movement or a wait and see…
You will only know which ‘right action’ is the action to take by remaining connected to your Inner You…

When you are following a road in life that you feel is truly fulfilling it is much easier to persevere during the difficult times.
When your life is based on joy and service it is easier to choose           that which is the most life enhancing and of resonance.

The Law of Resonance is the energy from the New Emerging Consciousness. 
Understanding the Law of Resonance is key to aligning to the energy of the New Emerging Consciousness.   The Law of Resonance   reflects coherence. 
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