How Drinking More Water and Other Dietary Changes Assist in the Shift of Awakening

 During this Shift, which is ushering in the New Emerging     Consciousness we are getting our “inner and outer software” updated.  
This shift is encoded within all of life and is unfolding in a way and manner that is beyond the control of our surface mind.
Some of the changes that are occurring are: sleep pattern disruptions, digestion issues , nausea , fluctuations in one’s usual energy patterns; as well as a craving for water.
               Yes, you read right. A craving for water.
Many people have been experiencing a thirst that they can’t seem to quench.
The key is to drink a lot of water; preferably filtered water, ionized and of a higher alkalinity.
You may want to limit your caffeine intake, coffee intake and limit or eliminate for a period of time foods and beverages that are dehydrating.  I also suggest taking your water on the “go”… Keep some in the car, purse, backpack, office. Make sure you have enough water reserves and water throughout your day.

If you are experiencing symptoms of the shift you may also be craving vegetables, especially dark green vegetables and vegetable juice.
This is not to espouse any type of dietary regime or meat vs non-meat. The Soul is much more complex than human formulas and recipe books. Your eating focus will need to be as individual as each person.

The intake of hydrating foods and beverages; especially water is assisting in our conductivity.
As we are becoming more and more magnetic (receptive) an environment within the body-mind, to create more conductivity is to assist in drawing in the electrical impulses of the higher, more expanded vibrational frequency.
As we are more magnetic it becomes easier for us to receive the download of electrical wave energy; which means more light… more love.
Part of the quickening is to be able to handle beneficially more impulses and receive more of the expanded energy patterns and frequencies.
3rd and 4th dimensional energy patterns are stepped down into a range that allows for a denser expression of manifested energy.
The more of the subtle energy that you are in tune with the lighter the form and the faster the energy moves.
Up to this point our physical body has been reflecting a denser energy. This has been termed gross energy. As we ascend connecting into the lightbody our frequency raises, the energy formation is more subtle and the energy patterns and oscillations are faster and less rigid.
I will be sharing more of a detailed list of the Signs & Symptoms of Awakening, the Shift & New Emerging Consciousness from my upcoming workshop series on Awakening to the New Emerging Consciousness. 🙂
Blessings in Radiant Light
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