Are You Afraid of Balancing Your Scales?

“Balancing the scales”is making inner and outer adjustments that bring a better balance to your life.
When you are in the midst of change whether internally or externally this adjustment is happening so your inner psyche and circumstances can align to your next level of growth;  as well as consciousness expansion.

Change is necessary when the old is really no longer completely working for all parts of your psyche; and in essence when the “old” falls out of equilibrium.

Your Higher Self knows this and knows this is the way of growth and evolution.

To manifest more of what is for your highest good and the most life enhancing notice what is falling away in your life and what is coming in.

What changes in your life are happening internally and externally?

How can you align to these changes?

Where are you still clinging?

What support do you need to release and move forward?

Affirmation:  I trust that my changes are happening for my highest good. 

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