Do You Have ADD or are You Awakening?

i was watching a program the other day and the “experts”- doctors, psychiatrists,  and neuro specialists were discussing ADD and the symptoms to this condition.
As the experts were speaking and the host was interviewing children and adults that have this “disorder” i thought… i have had this all my life.  These are the by products of being a child psychic and psychic channel.   I remember as a preteen looking at my mother, father or other adults and knowing their thoughts and how they were really feeling. I remember in class seeing colors around the teacher as she or he explained our studies.

My mind would wander as i would take in all the stimuli in the room and outdoors….and somewhere else…. That somewhere else the etheric plane i would later find out.

I would already know the answer in a given subject or not see the relevance and i would daydream and be transported to another world.

Years later I came to know that I was processing so much information on many levels that I actually needed the stimuli.  Years after this I would learn from some amazing teachers how to channel this energy through meditation, yoga, shamanic and spiritualist exercises.

Today as I host Awakenings Radio the listeners and the listener/participants in the chatroom tease me about my multitasking.  Some ask “How can can you engage in the conversation, answer questions in the chat, answer questions on twitter and facebook, tweet pertinent insights from the interview, answer texts and handle the switchboard?  Well, this is my world on a day to day basis.  Multidimensional, simultaneous and multilayer.

Does this sound like you?  I am also in the complementary medicine and healthcare field; however I am not a doctor; so i would say always get yourself checked out by a qualified healthcare practioner.  I would also say, you may be experiencing an awakening or a deepening in your awakening.

In my private  channeling and healing practice; as well as the workshops I facilitate I am hearing the many stories recounted how a person is “just awakening” and now they have an awareness of more around them.  Many people are expressing no previous interest in “spirituality”, healing or living differently… and then Whamo!!!  A new insight, new feelings or questioning sets in for them.  This leads them on their path.

So, if you are feel the Whamo of sudden loss of job, career or loss of interest in your old activities or even relationships you are in the personal part of the Shift.  If you feel an antsy or restless energy this means that more energy is being downloaded to you.  You will get to the point of integrating and using this energy for your self expression; as well as creative expression.  Your body-mind has to adjust to this new way of using your mind and feeling through your body.  You will be able to not only know more, feel more, but process more.  However though this more is good…even great; you need to learn how to balance it consciously.  This is key.

Some ways of balancing this energy are meditation, yoga asanas, spiritual study, journaling, drawing, painting; as well as other activities that are non-specific.  You are integrating more of you “Right Brain” thinking and processing; which is more intuitive and non-specific.  It is a diffused and merging energy… This is why the restlessness and going from one thing to another.

Rather than fight the energy learn to work-play with it… Allow it… Create cycles of productivity that work for you.  Find your own pace and environment and make the environment work for you.   Don’t pin yourself to a rigid 9-5 schedule doing only one activity. Allow some roaming of your mind and some movement of your body in between your workday.  This really is an up leveling and updating of your energy pattern and expression interaction.   This way of being is really and evolution in consciousness.  It might not fit so neatly into the main structures… but oh well, those are changing anyway.  🙂

Love to hear from you about how you are awakening. Love to hear your thoughts

Be well
much Peace & Light 🙂

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