People are Becoming More Real

In the New Emerging Consciousness people will become more real to each other.  There will be a deepening of connection and a yearning not only to be understood, but to understand.  This will be coupled with a desire to share one’s dreams, projects, passions; as well as one’s heartfelt innermost thoughts.

In the advent of further technology breakthroughs and more conscious uses of social media people will actually become more real, not less real.  People are and will continue to reach out to each other more.  Also,  as the re-structuring of our societal systems continues the need to reach out will greatly increase.

There has been a prevalent belief that somehow technology isn’t “Spiritual”… I would say everything is Spiritual and of Spirit.  We are spiritual beings and all that comes from us; through us,  is of  a Spiritual Essence.  There has been a fear from many “Spiritually” minded people that more technology means less connection and actual interaction.

This may have been in the beginning of  virtual connecting; however there is a trend where this is shifting.
More and more people are meeting virtually and then connecting #IRL … In Real Life.

Like any form of technology or tool it is how it is used that deems it “consciousness raising”; and this usage depends on the consciousness of the user, not on the tool or technology.

You see it always comes back to us.. as a humanity…as a group and as an individual.

How we experience this Shift into the New Paradigm of 2012 and beyond is up to us….. not up to an inanimate object, an old belief system or a calendar date.

It always has been and always will be up to good ole fashion….. people 🙂


We are after all…. All Connected 

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