Why are Relationships and World Structures Being Dismantled?

As a humanity and within all of the cosmos there is a “New Emerging Consciousness”  At the foundation of this new paradigm is Right Relationship and Right Livlihood.

In 2008 we had a major energetic configuration that ushered in this urge for cohesiveness.   This will be more fully highlighted in 2011 when Uranus goes back into Aries.

Esoterically we are at the crossroads, many of you are dwellers on the threshold; and some of you are Wayshowers that are are poised for the next level of the gateway.  This crossroads and fork in the road is also reflected in the square that is in alignment and active now.  Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn.

I read this energetically; and these energetic patterns are also revealed and expressed astrologically.

How does one prepare and align to this new focus of energy?

Begin by looking at your relationships with more clarity and understanding.  Some of you may need objective assistance in doing this type of evaluation.  I suggest you get this support, sooner than later.

And, first we all need to start with ourselves– lovingly, however nonetheless objectively, as much as one can.

Keywords in relationship structures, and all living structures for this matter are: co-operation, synergy, truth, commitment, responsibility (ability to appropriately respond), cohesiveness, community, communication, co-op.  Yes, co-op…  on a personal, collective and business level.  In fact, all areas of life are needing an up-leveling to move into the co-op status.

co-op = a cooperative society, business, or enterprise. 

No need to break ties; just put more energy and focus on people and areas where there is more co-op.

If you don’t fight what is no longer a resonance; or what is not a co-op you will more easily move into and attract what is more of a resonance and co-op for your Soul Path and fulfillment.

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