Managing the Energies of the New Emerging Consciousness

The New Emerging Consciousness and the energies of this up-leveled consciousness are about aligning to your true resonance, and living through synchronicity. During this time it is very important to connect with your Soul Design, align to your own internal timing & connect with your Soul Tribe.
It is also a time of re-building, building and bringing in “hybrid” forms of business, lifestyle, and creations.
There is a breaking down of structures; however it is very important that people focus also on what is being built.
You have to ask yourself “Are you a builder?” or, are you part of the “Demolition”… Both aspects of the same energy are needed. However, to align to your Soul Path & Soul Purpose you need to know and feel out where you fit in and how you fit in. 
If you feel the call to Self Express in many forms and join together with others in collaboration, co-operation and synergy chances are you are a builder.
In this New Emerging Consciousness new forms and structures are needed.
It is a building of the Rainbow Bridge
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