Walking Meditation

Walking mindfully on the Earth can restore our peace and harmony,
and it can restore the Earth’s peace and harmony as well.
We are children of the Earth. We rely on her for our happiness and
she relies on us also. Whether the Earth is beautiful, fresh and green
or arid and parched depends on our way of walking.
When we practice walking meditation beautifully, we massage
the Earth with our feet and plant seeds of joy and
happiness with each step.
Our mother will heal us and we will heal her.”- Thich Nhat Hanh

This meditation is wonderful while on a walk for enjoyment,
exercise; or while you are walking to and from
completing errands. Or, even while shopping!

This is a simple meditation; however the benefits over
time are fantastic. I taught this to one of my clients who
didn’t feel much was changing in his life. He felt stuck in
his job situation and personal life. After doing this for a
short period of time; he exclaimed “ I didn’t realize how
stuck in my head I was. I noticed so much change in my
neighborhood. I don’t know why I didn’t see all this
He felt he had a new lease on life and began to see the
positive changes in his personal life. Another client of
mine sent me an email after just 2 weeks of doing this
meditation stating that she no longer felt depressed.

If we filter everything we do or see by our past experiences
and from the frame of mind that “I’ve already seen
this a thousand times before” life can get pretty monotonous.
The truth is our environment, our surroundings, and we
are always changing. This meditation also helps one be
more in present time.
As you are noticing what is actually around you, you are
less focused on your memory of what is around you. Big

Try this for yourself and see.
While walking focus on your breath and begin to slow
your breath down.
As you are walking become very aware of how you are
breathing and continue to slow your breath down.
The moment you focus on your breath you begin to relax

The simple act of focusing on your breath allows your
mind to slow down and you experience more calm.
Slow even breath creates a relaxed mind and body.
Notice how you are breathing. And now notice how your
breath has changed now that you have a conscious
awareness of your breath.

Begin to breathe deeper while you continue to consciously
slow your breath down.
Now, begin to notice how you are walking.
Feel your pace and your stride, while focused on your breath.

excerpt from the book “Meditation for Everyday Living by Michele Meiche

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